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Posted by 7oneWo1f | Sep 17, 2012 @ 10:20 AM | 8,588 Views
I bought a hobby king slick when they first came out, and I finally got around to building it. It is actually a nice flyer, and it's too bad the scheme was copied from 3DHS's AJ Slick. However, HK does have the plane available in another scheme.

Here is a video of the second flight, after an incomplete first trim flight, and in windy conditions.

2nd flight 3D HK Slick (4 min 51 sec)

The included control hardware is not as good as Extreme Flight planes, and I had two different problems on maiden day. On the maiden flight, the control arm slipped out of the ez-link on one of the ailerons. On a later flight, the control arm slipped about 1/4" on the elevator. In both cases I was able to get the plane down safely.

One other problem I had was the battery got tossed even though it was secured with velcro and two straps. This plane can do some extreme tumbling generating lots of g-forces. Make sure your battery straps are very good. See this for battery toss:

battery toss (2 min 21 sec)
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