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Posted by 7oneWo1f | Apr 28, 2012 @ 08:17 PM | 8,281 Views
I just took some current measurements for the Hobby Partz Leds.

The measurements were at three different voltages, as follows:

V1: 9.9 volts
V2: 11.4 volts
V3: 12.6 volts

The data I present here is in the following format:

Color: (V1 current, V2 current, V3 current) all in mA

Each color strip is about 120 LEDs, which works out to about two meters. The LEDs have an adhesive tape backing. They are organized with 1 resistor and 3 LEDs in series, that whole circuit in parallel with the next three LEDs, and so on. The strips can be cut, and there are solder contacts so that you can cut and organize your LEDs in patterns, in groups of three. But if you want straight lines, all you need to do is solder the connector to a battery.

Here is the data.

Green: 220, 503, 740
Blue: 300, 600, 820
Red: 500, 670, 800
White: 280, 540, 760
Purple: 300, 580, 810.

There are 40 groups of 3 LEDs, so dividing the above by 40 gives the worst case current per LED, assuming no voltage drop down the strip:

Green: 18.5 mA
Blue: 20.5 mA
Red: 20 mA
White: 19 mA
Purple: 20.25 mA

I also picked up two Turnigy Radio controlled switches from Hobby King, and tested it in the lab. Works great.

But they are sold out of these switches, which is too bad, because I only picked up two.

Anyway, just though I'd share this information.

By my conservative estimate (worst case current whole flight), with 10 meters of blue LEDs (about 600 blue LEDs), and a 5 minute flight, you'll consume about 342 additional mah from a 3S. To keep your night flights about the same as your day flights, an additional 400 mah capacity battery would keep your batteries safe.