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Posted by Tbone1 | Apr 16, 2016 @ 03:26 PM | 1,582 Views
Im not the biggest EDF guy but I've run into an interesting problem with one of my setups. I have a Taft Hobby Viper Jet 90mm and I had a HET 700-60-2085 laying around from an old habu. Using a JETFAN-90 V2 I plugged everything up with a YEP 150A esc. Im using two 3S 60c 5000mah in series. I calibrated the esc using the board that you have to order separately. I plugged everything up and ran my meter and I got about 85A max throttle.

The motor should be getting about 2500watts. This should give me about 110A. I then switched out the esc for a castle 100A just to see if I could get around 100A and still just about 85A at max throttle. I'm running a DX8 and all my trims/travel check out as well as the monitor running like it should. Just to give you an idea of the setup here is a link to literally the setup I am running: http://www.turbines-rc.com/en/90mm-e...085-motor.html after all of this happened I thought maybe the motor was defective. I ordered a replacement HET and the same results. Just about 85A.

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. I normally don't use rc-groups but I thought it was about time i used it again. Thanks!