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Posted by hectix 333 | Nov 30, 2011 @ 12:28 PM | 2,655 Views
Hi there!

My name is Josh, and recently I have become interested in the world of RC flight. After browsing the webernet, and its vast amount of RC info, I became settled on going the completely scratchbuilt foamie route.
So, I ordered four sheets of Depron from http://www.depron.co.uk/, not really knowing what I was planning to build.
I eventually came across the thread of the Smart Dart XS, or BluDart. After looking through it I decided that this was the first plane I wanted to build. Now, I know there are better first planes out there, but I felt that this was for me.
So, I rummaged out some MDF from the garage and slowly but surely the basis for finally building my first RC foamie was being built.
I printed out Gene Bond's 26" plans, cut them out and started the outline for the cutting of the depron.
Suprisingly, it went without a hitch and soon my foam was vaguely mirroring a BluDart.
I have glued the dihedral and fuselage now (no pics, sorry!) and am currently waiting for an oppurtunity to buy some tape to attach the control surfaces.
Also pending is an order from HobbyKing containing enough electric to build a few planes, along with a Spektrum DX6i, from many positive reviews about the transmitter.
Now its winter and the weather is deteriorating rapidly in the run up to the new year, I am also awaiting delivery of Phoenix RC simulator.

Hampshire, UK