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Posted by SteveSw | Sep 16, 2012 @ 02:18 PM | 5,729 Views
Iíve always thought the Corben Super Ace was a pretty plane. Recently, I bought the Penn Valley kit based on the old Megow plan of the early forties. Penn Valley offers two sizes of this kit and I opted for the 24 inch wingspan model.

I was pretty happy with the wood supplied and used most of it. What I didnít like was that the plane was designed too light to my tastes. The nose was just a couple 1/16 sticks with no sheeting or gussets. In fact the whole fuselage needed some more bracing, gussets and a couple more cross pieces on the bottom. I know lighter is better but I had doubts this plane would last long enough in my hands get past trimming.

Living here in the northeast, I always seem to be having problems with tail surfaces warping. Iíve tried every technique known to man with limited success. What I have started to do is construct them using laminated sticks which seems to be keeping most of the warps at bay. Iíll just run a sheet through my balsa stripper and glue a bunch up before starting. I also used the leftover laminated 1/16 sticks for the forward part of the fuselage and also sheeted the first bay with 32nd balsa.

On the plan I noticed that there was no decalage designed in so I added 2 Ĺ degrees positive incidence to the wing by cutting down the rear wing support. Any more needed could be added at the tail later on. I also beefed up the wing saddle by swapping out the puny 1/16 sticks for 3/32nd so that the wing would be a bit stronger as this...Continue Reading