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Posted by SteveSw | Apr 20, 2012 @ 10:42 AM | 6,599 Views
Gotta tell ya, I really like the DPC/Aero-Werkes replacement wood packs for some of the older free flight kits.

Years back, I built the Sterling Fokker EIII using the stock kit wood and it was an easy build but heavy! It was a stable flier but not for very long. So when DPC/Aeroworkes started making replacement wood for this kit, I thought it would give me an opportunity to have another go at the kit and see if I could lighten it any further while it giving the scale treatment.

The wood was of good grade and the laser cutting, perfect. Trying to lighten it a bit more, I cut holes in the wing ribs using different sizes of tubing with the inside edge sharpened. Anyone who knows these old kits can tell you about how ungodly wide the trailing edges are. I cut the width in half but probably should have gone narrower. I made laminated wingtips to rid the wing of those needlessly heavy “planks” hanging on the ends. I like to add rigging when possible so I added small lengths of styrene tubing so that the “Stretch Magic” elastic thread I use will pass neatly through the wing.

This is a peculiar kit as you have to build and cover the wing and install it before finishing up the fuselage. Because my first one was so tail heavy, I wanted to remove as much rear weight as possible. I didn’t want to build (call me lazy) a totally new fuselage so I figured I try something different. I built the fuselage using the replacement formers and keels but widened the corner longeron...Continue Reading