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Posted by gotime360 | Jul 08, 2013 @ 10:43 AM | 4,301 Views
The PasserX

My Build

Choosing this Glider was easy. Cost is a key factor, the power set up was not as easy.
I wanted to stay under 24oz. I think i'm at 20 to 22oz with the PasserX

I went with the Propdrive 28-26/1000kV 315 watt,and the 30A Red Brick on 3s 1300 45/90C with an 11x8 prop. She will climb all most at 90* For the servos I used the Turnigy XGD-11HMB Digital Mini Servo.

Update stoped useing the 3s1300 lipo and wint with a 3s 850 mah 45/90C and plan to use a 10x6 cam prop this will lighten the glider even more. Test flew WOW much better this change slowed the glider down in the glide. glide slope i

Rx is the 6ch FrSky with a thermal scout on the telemetry AZ out put on Ch6 My Tx is a Jr9303 A/S with frsky telemetry DJT.

So far I can say that the PasserX is hands down one of the best for its price point. My set up is all HK and I love it.

I ordered the white because that was the only one R2 had at the time. The all white bottom is not good when flying when clouds are around. So I striped off the white under side and spiced it up a little with park light. This lightend the glider as well. AUW 22...Continue Reading
Posted by gotime360 | Mar 26, 2013 @ 07:28 PM | 4,131 Views
Just on the P killen it ALL NIGHT LONG with the boys