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Posted by Webmaister | Oct 09, 2012 @ 09:12 AM | 3,840 Views
I like fast warbirds. I can always fly them slow and scale but I also like to see a warbird line up on a straffing run and rip by in the triple digits. How fast can a EPO Foam warbird fly? I wanted to find out so I selected two warbirds from one of the popular ARF distributors FMS; A 1430 MM F4U and a 1450 MM P51. The stock setup in these planes flies around 60 mph. I've been working on these two planes for several months now performing different modifications and speed trials. The latest speed tests were performed on 10/8/2012. Speed is being measured with a hand held radar gun and also an onboard Voltron II GPS logger.

The F4U clocked in at 115 mph and the P51 clocked in at 132 mph. The P51 is definitely producing more drag and is requiring a more powerful setup to produce thrust. As an example, the same exact setup in the P51 and the F4U showed that the F4U flies on average 10 mph faster than the P51. I'm still working on reducing drag on the P51.

Current setups being used are:
P51 Top Speed so far - 132 MPH
  • Motor - Scorpion 4025 - 740
  • Battery - 4000 5S and 4000 3S run in Serial for an 8S setup
  • ESC - Castle ICE 100
  • Prop - APC 11 x 8
  • Flying time 4 .5 minutes

F4U - Top Speed so far 115 MPH
  • Motor - Grayson Hobby 4120 - 06
  • Battery - two 4000 3 cells in serial for a 6S setup
  • Esc - Grayson Hobby 100 amp with external BEC
  • Prop - MAS S2 11 x 10 prop
  • Flying Time 3 minutes

Eventually I plan on adding a Castle HV 150 or 200 amp to the Mustang to make a run on 10S. Prior to...Continue Reading