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Posted by Brutal Sausage | Nov 07, 2016 @ 03:46 PM | 1,228 Views
A newly launched YouTube channel shows what could be an interesting re-take on where the
DIY RC and drone spirit has drifted away from. It seems that the viewers can request things
to be featured in future video content. I for one haven't even seen the style of the RC models
shown in this video content consistently focused on in any Youtube or similar media outlet. I
Hope this is what can be expected more often.

Drone Crasher - Go hard or Go Home (4 min 25 sec)

That flying hex truck has got to weigh close to 20lbs! And who the heck has a big-small
tri-copter made out of wood? Its ugly but I bet itís super loaded in power. Now that is impressive.
Hopefully the newer videos will show speed runs and a crashy nature to the flying, I would imagine so.
The giant truck shown at the end would be hilarious and awesome to see it able to fly like the smaller
hex truck. Nobody has done this and you would imagine it would exist already right? But I cannot find
anything close that shows a promise to focus on this kind of DIY work.

Anyone feeling curious? I want to see more from this channel for sure. Enjoy.