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Posted by CrazyJB | Oct 20, 2015 @ 03:30 AM | 26,335 Views
My JW60 UL kit came really fast, safely and soundly!

Great customer service! They will help you if you need it. Here's their link:

I like how "Checklist" is on the checklist.

Before I start, I check my flat surface. I eye ball my surface from each corner to each other 3 corners see if it's true flat. You don't want it twisted or bowed. I needed to shim a corner of my bench to remove some twist. I always check my bench before I build a new plane. There are flat surface threads. Google "flat surface rcgroups".

I chose my methods, types of glue but you can do it per instructions or whatever. If you have never built an EPP plane, I would recommend using JW's instructions because epoxy and gorilla glue can be disasterous with EPP if you don't know what you are doing. (Can't use the goop method in nor cal and I hear you need a gas mask)

I epoxied the spars into the joiners. I used a deck screw to scrape rings of scratches in the joiners for extra adhesion. I used 30 minute epoxy on the male and female ends and rotated them back and forth as I slowly pressed them in. I also vacuumed the cores of all residual pieces of foam and cleared the precut spar slots of all spurs that will obstruct placement of the spars.
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I prefer to use epoxy to join the wings. How to join wings with epoxy. NEVER use any epoxy of more than 5 minute or you will have a puddle of hard epoxy at the bottom of the wing and stuck to the beds and...Continue Reading
Posted by CrazyJB | Oct 01, 2015 @ 10:05 PM | 2,272 Views
A couple years ago, I crashed my dads Bob Martin Coyote. Shortly after, we got some styrofoam and plywood sheets, got some help from a couple members from SBSS (South Bay Soaring Society) and came up with these wings. Better airfoil. It's been a while but the project was resurrected! Putting on the leading edges.
Posted by CrazyJB | Jun 11, 2012 @ 12:25 AM | 2,932 Views

This guy is great! Service, product, all. He'll answer questions and help you out. You can go further on a smaller budget by doing a little more work to the finished plane. He has high performance gliders, some electric, slope/TD/multitask, mostly traditional airframe and a flying wing, sheeted foam core wings. I would buy more from them. I got an Agena ES (seen in my profile pic, the 6 servo with the black leading edge.

Like refined designs, high performance slope soaring, flying wing designs, and crash resilience? These people have some great looking high performance EPP wings, they answer your questions, shipping is quick, I would definitely buy more from them. I got a 48 inch Half Pipe from them. That thing flies so incredibly smooth and fast and penetrates ANY wind like nothing, it raised my standards for slope. Mine can fly in 10 MPH and up wind on a 30 angle slope, comes alive in 25 MPH and is a complete blast in 45 MPH wind! No ballast needed. VERY efficient plank wing. Best flown on a big long slope with plenty of sprint space.

I have had this plane since ~2012 and it's still my favorite plane now (Oct 2015). It had one crash. I took out a bush right at the trunk and to everyones surprise, it was perfectly fine and I tossed it back out! (that flag like thing is the "off plug" and charge port. That hole next to it is the bind port)
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Description: NCFM Halfpipe.

I got a 36 inch Joker...Continue Reading
Posted by CrazyJB | May 02, 2012 @ 10:34 PM | 3,001 Views
#1 Multiplex Blizzard (probably won't break as easily as the Agena and much faster too)

#2 P-51D Mustang (with more than scale power, I want to make cars blow like leaves)

#3 De Havilland Vampire (EDF, prefer Venom but can't find a foam one)

#4 P-47 (big fuse, can fit a ludicrous power system)
Posted by CrazyJB | Apr 28, 2012 @ 08:58 PM | 2,734 Views
I spooked over an incoming text message. The only parts good are the spinner and prop and possibly the motor and some of the servos. About $500 - $600 down the drain. It was at Baylands about 40 mins ago.
Posted by CrazyJB | Apr 17, 2012 @ 12:58 AM | 2,936 Views
It's different but equally valuable. Maybe you can't do dives and aerobatics on a constant basis like a motorized glider can but the slope and thermal combo is a plus and you can fly all day on just one battery. Highly recommended, but I hear it's only good for a short time in the beginning of the spring, during those times phenomenal for light to medium weight birds.
Posted by CrazyJB | Mar 17, 2012 @ 03:19 AM | 3,246 Views
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Description: I got this at the swap meet and I've already stripped her nude, replaced the pushrods, put a new gear in one servo and cut some new and improved elevons. Here, I stripped off all covering, redesigned the elevons, replaced a gear in one servo and replaced the plastic pushrod. I'm going to redesign the stabilizer too.

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Description: Patched some small holes like this one. I figured I could peel masking tape off epoxy so I gave it a try. Perfect mold for small repairs. For the bigger holes, I'm going to get glass balloons. Here is a closeup a small hole I patched with epoxy. I figured masking tape could be peeled off epoxy after it cures and luckily it did. Perfect mold.

...Continue Reading
Posted by CrazyJB | Feb 03, 2012 @ 12:45 AM | 4,268 Views
So far (Agena ES from Art Hobby). I HIGHLY recommend You may have to do more work but the price is good that way and it's high quality parts, you can build it how you want and finish it how you want. I added flaps to mine. And Art Hobby are the MASTERS of customer service!

Here is a link to a video prior maiden flight after programming:
My first non-simulated glider. (1 min 6 sec)

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Description: The box was mashed so I inspected the contents. Name: P1030004-small.jpg
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Description: All good.

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