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Posted by Mike_Then | Nov 13, 2012 @ 12:01 PM | 16,871 Views
A few weeks before Halloween, my friend sent me a YouTube video of a "Ghost Quad". It was a quadcopter dressed up as a ghost. It appears to have been a "Scream" mask with some long flowing robes and arms. I thought it was extremely cool and my friend asked if I could mock up something like that for his Halloween gathering for the kids. I collaborated with my creative wife and the Spook Quad was born.

The frame is a DJI F450 kit. Completely stock with the included motors, ESCs, and 10" props. Power was provided by a 3s 2600 mAh battery. The spook part was a $5 skull from Target. It was surprisingly lightweight which is why I chose it. It was attached to some floral foam and I hot-glued the entire thing to the top of the frame. The hood for the skull was fashioned out of an old t-shirt and the robe underneath was some black and grey gauze from Target. Total invested was less than $20. I wired up some red LEDs for the eyes but you really can't see them in the daylight.

It wouldn't fly at first because we had a lot more t-shirt on there and we tried to cover the arms as much as possible. The quad lifted off but barely flew. So the day we shot the video - which was Halloween of course (nothing like waiting until the last minute) - we had performed emergency surgery on our lunch hour. We removed a lot of the extra t-shirt as well as cinched it down to the frame better to clear the props. The result was the video below - it flew much...Continue Reading