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Posted by Mike_Then | Feb 21, 2010 @ 07:29 PM | 11,011 Views
Woo! Flew my new T-Rex 500 for the first time yesterday and today. Hovered it in the yard yesterday and flew some FF this afternoon. Man this thing flies good! No wonder people like it so much!
Posted by Mike_Then | Feb 13, 2010 @ 05:10 PM | 11,802 Views
I'm really enjoying the build/assembly process of my T-Rex 500. Just like when I used to race R/C cars, I find something very relaxing about assembling a box of parts. Not stressful like trying to glue an airplane together. Maybe it's because the parts line up and you can't screw up. Who knows? Anyway, it's been fun so far and I've made a HUGE amount of progress in just a few days. The head is finished and so is the frame and tail.
Posted by Mike_Then | Feb 11, 2010 @ 09:33 PM | 10,618 Views
The only thing that didn't survive the water maiden of my Gemini was the right aileron servo. Picked up another one the other day and installed it last night. I made a few more mods to the battery compartment so the battery fits better and now I'm satisfied with the way the hatch closes. The winds are supposed to me 5-10 MPH tomorrow so I'll try it again at City Lake. Brandon is going to meet me there with a little hovercraft that can hopefully get me back to shore should it flip over again. The big change was adding a 1/2 oz. of weight to the tail which now puts the balance at slightly tail heavy. It was pretty nose-heave before so this should prevent me from flipping over again... going to make sure the nose is as high as it can be for landing!
Posted by Mike_Then | Feb 10, 2010 @ 09:07 PM | 10,199 Views
I sold my Ember 2 and Blade mSR to make room in my fleet for a Blade SR. The Blade mSR just didn't get flown and neither did the Ember 2. We had an indoor fly-in last year which is the reason why I got those aircraft in the first place. There hasn't been one since, so in the workshop they sat. Wouldn't you know it, we've got an indoor event coming up soon. As long as Horizon holds true to their word about the release date of the Blade SR, I should be good. However, I wanted something to fall back on just in case.

Not wanting to spend a lot of money, the search for a cheap micro began. Just when I thought all hope was lost, I happened upon a "trade-in" Micro Mustang at my LHS while buying parts. Slight chip in the wing, a little beat up but nothing major. BNF Mustang, charger, three 130 mAh batteries, and a spare prop/spinner to boot. $60 was too good to pass up (and he told me to bring it back if it didn't bind or fly) so I figured, what the heck? Now, if the winds outside would just settle down from the gusts of 50+ MPH I'll put the maiden on it.