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Posted by Mike_Then | Jul 31, 2009 @ 10:20 AM | 9,943 Views
I wanted to replace my poor Phantom with another airplane but was unsure as to which plane I wanted. I was communicating to another member about an A-10 he was repairing for someone else, but communications seemed to have ceased (it's been over a week since I've received a response; I understand that things come up and maybe he's on vacation of course) and it was a bit more money than I was prepared to spend. I came across an E-Flite Super Airliner that was receiver-ready. I didn't really need another warbird - with 7 total (P-51, P-40, Mosquito, AMX, L-39, T-33, T-28), I'm pretty well-covered in that area. I love things that are different and the fact that this is receiver-ready certainly appeals to me. We struck a deal and I'm picking it up tomorrow. The other battery to fly it will be here either today or tomorrow, and weather-permitting, she flies on Sunday. Pics and possibly a video to follow!
Posted by Mike_Then | Jul 22, 2009 @ 09:31 AM | 10,558 Views
I, like most others, acquired a ParkZone SU-26m. It's definitely not a 3D plane and anyone buying it with the expectation that it's a 3D plane is going to be very disappointed. What it is, is a great-flying sport plane for your front yard.... with a few modifications. I'm of the opinion, along with a lot of other Sukhoi pilots, that the plane is very nose-heavy right out of the box. I am in the process of minor modifications to shift the balance back, such as removing the spinner, removing some of the glue slopped on the gearbox holding it in place, and moving the battery back. I plan to move the battery back just a little further to get the balance point at the recommended 30mm and I'm sure it will be a sweet little flyer...
Posted by Mike_Then | Jul 14, 2009 @ 09:10 AM | 8,226 Views
This is a heckuva way to start my blog here on RCGroups.com.... thought I would post that my beloved VMAR Phantom II, which my wife gave to me at Christmas a few years ago, is no more. It was a sad day at the flying field. It's probably repairable by someone much more skilled than I (they don't call me Arf Man for nothing), but to me, this bird isn't worth fixing. I posted about it in the Glow to Electric forum, and here is a shortened re-post of the story.

I few years ago, my wife gave me a VMAR F-4 Phantom II ARF for Christmas, after much whining from me. I converted it to electric of course, and according to VMAR, I was the first to do so. I was flying it with a Hacker A50-14L, Jeti 77A opto, 15.2 x 12 VarioProp, and 8s 4000 mAh pack. I added Robart mechanical retracts and Robostruts. The plane was pretty heavy when it was all said and done, 11.75 lbs. if memory serves me correctly. I encountered and overcame many challenged during my time with this plane, such as the proper amp draw, cooling to the batteries, mounting the motor in that slender cowl, etc.

Sunday was to be the first flight with my 9s Hyperion G3 4200 VX pack. I had tried 10s on the plane and it had too much speed and not enough thrust. I decided to go with 9s, and I adjusted the pitch of the prop to 15.2 x 9. The amps dropped to 60 and it still felt like it had a snotload of power. I gave it one final check, taxiied out, and took off. It lifted off the ground on its own and got on step very...Continue Reading