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Posted by hoverben | Dec 02, 2011 @ 12:30 PM | 2,528 Views
Hello all,

There have been some concerns regarding the recent introduction of the Yellow Jacket Protection Plan. Some people have suggested that we must not have faith in our products, or even that we have moved our manufacturing facility overseas.

These assumptions are NOT true!

The HoverflyPRO and HoverflyGPS both remain as reliable as ever. We do not expect manufacturer's defects to be the cause of any Yellow Jacket replacements.

However, we have found that many users have damaged their boards through methods not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Some of these include the chip being scratched in a crash, components being damaged through the application of higher-than-recommended voltage, and even one board which was damaged when the drone caught fire. This has led to multiple requests that we offer a repair service, as you can see on these very forums.

Providing a formal repair service is something we simply can not do; between manpower and maintaining a stock of repair parts, the overhead costs actually make it cheaper to provide a new board. Obviously, we could not stay in business very long if we simply gave new boards to everyone who crashed their drone, fried their board, or otherwise damaged the product in a way not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

At the same time, we recognize that $450 is a significant investment for many hobbyists, and we understand how heartbreaking it is to lose that investment to a simple mistake. The Yellow...Continue Reading