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Posted by skellator | Jun 28, 2012 @ 10:54 PM | 9,828 Views
I have a FS dominator basic reason didnt buy the built-in VRX because the VRX is expensive while the China made VTX/VRX is cheap like nothing and FS VRX not compatible with the cheap one, so I decided to make my self one for my FS goggle


Initial testing was not good, range is awful even with my Clover leaf antenna i think it less than 10 ft, I will need to change the antenna mount which I have already receive from ebay.


Got new RX from Foxtech every is soldered up, Initial ground test seem fine gonna do more test at the field!


Test was successful! after 20 flight the vrx work as i wanted it to!

Part list

- Header pin (need 9 pin)
- Perf board or some shop call this donut board
- PCB Mount SMA male for the VRX note most 5.8ghz use RP-SMA making it to use SMA mean you have to make your own antenna or use a converter
- VRX of course ebay sell the in pair which is recomended! as $22 for a pair!, but Foxtech sell the VRX for $15

I have not tested it yet as my VTX is broken once I get a new VTX or soldered the bare VTX modules I post the result,

Now maybe picture of the build log will give some interest

the parts

no pcb mount yet so i use the one from my broken VTX

Test fitting the component :

Look nice enough
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