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Posted by skellator | Feb 11, 2018 @ 12:59 AM | 2,780 Views
Cesna 182 EPO Glow conversion, installed with AP Hornet 0.15

AP Hornet 0.15 Yellowjacket (1 min 25 sec)

Posted by skellator | Oct 05, 2015 @ 07:27 AM | 7,854 Views
Recently I configured a Baseflight firmware for Fixed wing, my initial frsky telemetry setup I followed this blog post

the problem with the setup, You can longer connect the configurator / OSD at the same time as frsky telemetry enable because of the serial port, to get away from this limitation you have to enable softserial feature in baseflight, do take not that You will need to use a PPM capable rx (I'm guessing you should have one already from frsky) I'm using FrSky D4FR-II

in CLI I enabled

set softserial_baudrate=9600
set softserial_2_inverted=1
set telemetry_port=2
set telemetry_provider=0
note on this option are for RC Ouput 8 pin on the NAZE32 board

set softserial_2_inverted=1
set telemetry_port=2
if you want to use RCOUT6 change it to

set softserial_1_inverted=1
set telemetry_port=1
Do note that if you using minimOSD connect only RX from the OSD to the naze32 board connecting both TX/RX to the board will disable USB port when armed
Posted by skellator | Oct 09, 2014 @ 09:55 AM | 8,265 Views
I bought a bunch of Sunnysky X2204s 2300kv but seem it totally different than my old one, fake? clone? new batch? can't really tell emailed rcsunnysky for more info waiting for their reply

Update 10/10/2014:

Got reply from Sunnysky they confirmed the motor are fake! so buyers beware of fake lurking in the market!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sunnysky RC Brushless Motor--Bonnie <>
Date: Fri, Oct 10, 2014 at 11:26 AM
Subject: RE: Fake Sunnysky 2204S-16 2300kv or New version?

Hello Mr. Nor,

That were fake products.

1. From the beginning to today, we don't sell X2204S 2300kv to China. So it is impossible for you can get from Chinese taobao sellers.
As you can check between models, that is totally different. We can not make such so so so bad products.

2. Please kindly send this taobao seller to us. We must put it on our new website and let other customer to know this bad seller.
By the way ,this seller must sell another product, such as X2212 980 or our popular products to the market.

We will update new website for these days.

Thanks & Best regards


Posted by skellator | Oct 08, 2014 @ 11:30 PM | 5,888 Views
Recently I got myself a TBS clone quad frame kit from a friend so decided to try a 6s quad, I have a new Pixhawk from goodluckbuy at my disposal so might as well test it out


- Frame TBS style with RCtimer S800 Arm
- Rctimer 5010/14 360KV Multicopter Brushless Motor (5.0mm Shaft)
- 14x5.5 Carbon Props
- 45A multistar ESC opto
- Pixhawk with neo7h
- 2200mAh 6s, it 2200mAh 3s in series will try 3000 later
- Rangelink LRS with FRSky Taranis
- 3D Printed Gimbal for SJ4000

S800 arm from rctimer are suck, if you plan to use it make some mod on it, I removed the brass stub that hold the screw and take a 3.5mm drill bit make a hole from top to the bottom (will post picture later), and take a M3 40mm screw to fasten the arm

Initial flight was fine but had a crash when trying autotune for first time, most probably my mid throttle are to high (500), the Quad only need around 30% to hover at 8A![/STRIKE] turn out the issues with the motor and esc combination motor getting out of sync so I ordered myself 5x these

Sunrise BLHELI Multi Series 20A 2-6S

thanks to renatoa for suggesting the esc to me

It almost crashed the second time but my good reflex save the quad from kissing the ground again

I get total 7min with 2200mAh 6s on this test will try 3300mAh next time and maybe 5000mAh 6s

Hopefully I can get the ESC before weekend so I can test it again with the new ESC

Autotune crash and almost crash video
Pixhawk Arducopter 3.1.5 on 800 Size Quad (3 min 21 sec)

Posted by skellator | Jun 03, 2014 @ 12:15 PM | 6,192 Views
need a mount? print them
Posted by skellator | May 26, 2014 @ 02:12 AM | 6,194 Views
Few Days A go I bought my self a 3D printer because I sell off my cnc machine, for some reason I prefer 3D printer for now as the noise from the CNC machine can't be tolerated by my family members so no choice there, the other reason I bought the 3D printer is because of it portability, once I get my LCD controller for it I practically can bring it anywhere I want and I can print it without needing a computer just dump the gcode on the SD card and print it directly from SD.

I choose mendelmax as it easy to assemble I took only 6 hours to assemble the frame and look like easy to tune was planning to get mini kossel but tuning and calibration is a nightmare they said so I bailed out, I can always print my kossel part later with mendelmax if I want to try to build one how cool is that


Kit bought from

full (well almost) build log can be found on my blog

Hopefully I can get electronic done and get it printing my RC part soon
Posted by skellator | Apr 02, 2014 @ 01:37 AM | 7,624 Views
Recently I purchase a Skywalker 2014 from a local hobby shop for reasonable price, I own a SW v5 before but sold it to a friend and I just donated my FX-61 Phantom to a friend, so about time for me to get a new plane

My Planned Power Setup:

- NTM 3548 900kv 815watt motor with 12x6 props/11x6 props
- Hobbyking F60A ESC
- 1x 5v ubec 3A max 6a for RX and Servo
- 1x voltage regulator 12v 2A max for VTX/OSD/CCD camera
- 800mw 1.3GHZ VTX
- RangeLink UHF for RC control

my daughter really excited about the plane more than I am

WING & Joiner

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Posted by skellator | Feb 16, 2014 @ 10:32 PM | 6,639 Views
Been testing the frame for a while now still can't get APM2.6 to fly properly with the frame, need more flight time on it, my current setup as follow

- ATT-X4-16 650 Quad (Goodluckbuy)
- RCTimer 650kv motor with 12x4.5 carbon nylon props
- F30A simonk ESC
- Hobbyking Power Distributor board
- RCTIMER gorpo2 brushless gimbal combo
- 4200mAh 4S 40c Ty-MAX lipo


- Big Size! can take up to 13" props
- Double CF plate top/bottom for motor mount which X8 configuration posible
- Foldable! easy for transportation especially when you use big props!


- Frame come with no build instruction
- landing gear are a joke so flimsy might as well get a sturdier one
- heavy frame 400g+
- Fiber glass rod, invest some money on CF rod 12mm for landing skid 16mm for arm

I used 12x12 aluminum for my Gimbal mounting as I have no way to mount my gimbal with the 12mm rod, everage flight time 5 min probarly the tymax battery is going to die early, and I have not even put my FPV gear yet , will have to figure out most efficient setup and props combination with the...Continue Reading
Posted by skellator | Dec 29, 2013 @ 09:14 PM | 6,344 Views
Johnnymeg hooked me up with a small wing few month before chrismas (not free thought I still have to paid for it ) more info of the wing can be found here

some pictorial of the wing from unboxing to build and maybe maiden, as to date (30/12/2013) still no maiden but the plan is to maiden it on new year morning

Here is my Full Setup of the wing:

- NTM 2826 1400kv 560W -
- 8x6 APC style props
- Blueseries 40A ESC -
- HobbyKing 939MG 12G servo -
- Zippy 3000mAh 4s 40c lipo -

FPV setup

- CCD PZ0420 camera
- Mobius Action Cam for HD recording
- 1.3ghz VTX with Clover & VRX with 5 turn helical
- Storm OSD...Continue Reading
Posted by skellator | Apr 12, 2013 @ 04:10 AM | 6,567 Views
This actually happen couple month ago, and thank to this crash extraline (storm osd owner) finally motivated to squash the bug permanently , and he also kind enough to sent me a new storm to cover my losses kudos to him!

SkySurfer Final Flight: Storm OSD failure (0 min 0 sec)

so storm osd user please do update your board using the firmware posted here:
Posted by skellator | Feb 10, 2013 @ 09:31 AM | 7,351 Views
after been flying the wing few month and getting to know the character of the plane it finally to step up to FPV, BeeEvo will probably retired all my other FPV plane

Current Setup of the wing:

NTM Prop drive 3530 with 10x5 emax prop
4200mAh 3S lipo/3300mAh 3S
1.3ghz BEVRC RX/TX combo
CL/5 turn Helical
Turnigy 9x with RangeLink Modules
DragonOSD+...Continue Reading
Posted by skellator | Jan 01, 2013 @ 01:33 AM | 7,313 Views
I have a really bad crash with my zagi which destroyed the fuselage really bad, but the wing was still intact, instead of throwing it out i decide to fix it with a wide center pod, pictures should tell the rest

current setup,

wing span now are 39" orignal was 38" if i'm not mistaking

- AXN cloud fly stock motor
- 6x4E TGS
- Zippy 2200mAh

Plane was fixed with 1/2" depron and 2 pieces of 5mm carbon fiber rod, maiden was a bit hand full as I have no idea where is the CG, after 1 pack figured out the CG 2nd pack the zagi was zipping in the air!
Posted by skellator | Oct 04, 2012 @ 10:30 PM | 7,571 Views
Finally after all the wasted time and money I got this FPV stuff going

My Setup

TX: Turnigy 9X with FRSky Modules
Frame DJI F330 (will change this to spider quad)
AQ50D Pro
Emax 1200kv with 8x4.5 props (New turnigy 1100kv will replace this)
2200mah Battery
Hobbyking 5.8ghz 200mw VTX + 520TVL with 2.8mm lens
Fatshark Dominator goggle

Aslo Testing my DVR SD recorder from FOXTECH

FPV practice #1 (14 min 9 sec)

Posted by skellator | Jun 28, 2012 @ 09:54 PM | 10,388 Views
I have a FS dominator basic reason didnt buy the built-in VRX because the VRX is expensive while the China made VTX/VRX is cheap like nothing and FS VRX not compatible with the cheap one, so I decided to make my self one for my FS goggle


Initial testing was not good, range is awful even with my Clover leaf antenna i think it less than 10 ft, I will need to change the antenna mount which I have already receive from ebay.


Got new RX from Foxtech every is soldered up, Initial ground test seem fine gonna do more test at the field!


Test was successful! after 20 flight the vrx work as i wanted it to!

Part list

- Header pin (need 9 pin)
- Perf board or some shop call this donut board
- PCB Mount SMA male for the VRX note most 5.8ghz use RP-SMA making it to use SMA mean you have to make your own antenna or use a converter
- VRX of course ebay sell the in pair which is recomended! as $22 for a pair!, but Foxtech sell the VRX for $15

I have not tested it yet as my VTX is broken once I get a new VTX or soldered the bare VTX modules I post the result,

Now maybe picture of the build log will give some interest

the parts

no pcb mount yet so i use the one from my broken VTX

Test fitting the component :

Look nice enough
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Posted by skellator | Apr 28, 2012 @ 05:30 AM | 7,790 Views
Finished my TRI Mini, Frame need epoxy I can hear it rubbing each other on flight

mini tri-copter maiden flight video, my flying skill is not that good but at least it fly!

Finally I get this small bugger flying on video

BambuCopter Mini Tricopter + IOI Mini MultiWiI 10DOF FC Maiden (6 min 6 sec)

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Posted by skellator | Apr 24, 2012 @ 08:01 AM | 7,449 Views
My DJI F330 with GU344 FC maiden

DJI Flame Wheel F330 with Gaui GU344 (2 min 14 sec)

Posted by skellator | Apr 24, 2012 @ 07:59 AM | 8,680 Views
Keychain Camera 808 #9 strapped on the wing

Puncak Jalil 220412: Axn Cloud Fly (5 min 38 sec)

Posted by skellator | Apr 24, 2012 @ 07:58 AM | 7,291 Views
MD80 camera attached using Velcro at the top of the fuselage

Puncak Jalil 210412: AXN Cloud Fly (9 min 48 sec)