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Posted by Rangie5169 | Mar 10, 2013 @ 04:11 AM | 2,551 Views
Originally Posted by walter3rd
i would be crushed! thats why i wont maiden my baby till calm wind and my usual wide open space. so sorry to hear it. i twisted the toe in out of my retracts last night so i should be good to go now. one was really toe in. that would have not helped out at all. how much deflection down should i set up in my flap switch? i just have 2 positions, up or down. not sure how much they should drop for best results on average. anyone have a pic? thanks, walt.
What TX do you use?

Just searched and saw you have a dx6i....

Adjust List ->flaps:
Norm 0 0
LAND ↓ 50 ↓ 5
Adjust List -> Mix 1
Rate: D +95% U 0%
SW: Mix Trim act

This gives you effectively three positions for the flaps. Just the flap switch alone gives you 1/2 flaps. Then if you want full flip the mix switch.
Posted by Rangie5169 | May 01, 2012 @ 01:00 PM | 2,512 Views

redding ca
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If you looking for stock replacement mounts made from Billet Aluminum and Powdercoated I'm blowing them out at $12 each SHIPPED
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Posted by Rangie5169 | Apr 23, 2012 @ 01:41 PM | 2,914 Views

On December 1, 2011, the FMA Direct site was consolidated with our partner website www.revolectrix.com

If you had previously installed PC software for your FMA Direct or Revolectrix product, you will need to re-install the software from the Revolectrix website.


1) Go to the Revolectrix home page.

2) On the main navigation bar, click the product category for the type of product you own; e.g. "Chargers".

3) Click on the image of the product you own.

4) Click on the product's "Resources" tab. Here you will find a link to the PC Software Install page for your product.

5) Follow the instructions on the Software Install page to re-install the software.

Tim Marks
Posted by Rangie5169 | Feb 22, 2012 @ 01:08 PM | 3,311 Views
1 The pushrods are coated with a black sticky substance that causes the elevator and rudder to move in jerky motions. Take them out and sand the black stuff off. Fixed.
2 The narrow part at the rear of the fuse bends too easily. People have used various methods to stiffen it up, and even wrapping it with tape helps. What I did works very well and is shown in post 6960.
3 The elevator itself twists too much in the middle where it is narrow. Try holding on to the side with the horn, and bending the other side up and down and you will see what I mean. The fix is in post 7896.

Those 2 mods added 8 grams. When G-Man said the carbon rod in the wing is "MUCH stiffer", he wasn't kidding. It is also 13 grams lighter. With that rod in there, my Radian Pro is now 5 grams lighter than stock, and the wings don't flap and the elevator will pull up out of a high speed dive no problem. Even if all you ever did was thermals, the stiffer airframe can only help you to make the moves you want to make. The real payoff is when coming in for a landing in gusty conditions where you are fighting the wind to keep it steady. The increased response of the elevator and ailerons gives you extra control when you really need it.
Posted by Rangie5169 | Feb 20, 2012 @ 06:50 PM | 2,917 Views
large database of pinup art that much of it can be used for r/c aircraft here: