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Posted by andione1983 | Nov 20, 2011 @ 02:50 AM | 2,910 Views
Just recently got the RC Heli bug, after buying a Revell L-Ray Coaxial, then a ZR-Z101 4channel fixed pitch, el Cheapo which is a good learner, am enjoying it parts cheap and available from around the corner, so.. the Revell is now cactus (broken) the ZR-Z101 (look on ebay you will see what this is) is still flying strong, with the plus of easily being able to get spares, have since purchased a Blade MCXP (learning the basics with a small cheap 6 channel) then i will move on to bigger things.

Recently got a Skyartec belt 250 V4 6channel (can only hover this) and a Walkera V200D01 (4 channel to get some more practice with Brushless speed) and a CopterX 450 Black Angel (for when i learn 6 channel flying) and have also picked up a 475 perigrine heli (hand build by a guy who has just started making helicopters (you can find them on Ebay Australia) So i have plenty to play with.....