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Posted by Corlissmedia | Jan 07, 2012 @ 09:01 PM | 1,971 Views
Well . . . I realize there's a ton of good info here, but going back to it from time to time is a real b. For me, at least. A few hours ago, I posted a video and some pictures of a distribution board to a thread about such things. I saved a bookmark of the post so I could return to the thread. When I clicked on it to check it out, nothing. The url wouldn't even load.

So that was nice.

Then, I tried to start a thread about the problems I've been having with V0.50 of the Lazy Zero Flash Tool, on a Mac Pro and a Win7 machine. The link for that thread works, but if I try to search for it with the forum tools, they all come up blank? What's that about?

So now I'm posting this blog entry, in the hopes that it will exist and provide a connection to all the wonderful advice on these forums. How I will access this, I have no idea at this point.