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Posted by ralfrcgroups | Mar 02, 2017 @ 07:54 AM | 2,726 Views
The below file is my first test with anewton's rescue boat programming on a DX9 with a 7 channel RX.
I used the modelfile from my twin engined, differential thrust, Redaq float plane.
Stick mode is mode2. Throttel stick gives power to both forward motors (th and gear channel), the ail-stick give diffenrential thrust to the forward motors when sw A is on pos. 1. The reverse motor is on ch 7. Sw C pos 0 is all motors off, pos 1 forward motors on, pos 2 only reverse motos on (power with th-stick). Unfortunately no differential thrust when using reverse motor.
Posted by ralfrcgroups | Dec 02, 2012 @ 07:15 AM | 3,714 Views
Originally Posted by zokizo View Post
i dont know it is a bad gps calibration or what

my problem is drift
i have in gps mode just green lights flashing so thats mean all gps is found but for first 2-3 mins of hover i have drift backward-right

after few mins gps hold position works very fine

why i have drift for that first 2-3 mins?
Common problem that some of us see, and can't nail down the exact cause.
u2builder, TahoeEd, and I have bothe seen a little of this.
Here's a sequence to try to shorten the 2-3 min:
Take-off in Atti
Get positioned and switch to GPS.
If you get initial drift, switch back to Atti for a few seconds.
Then switch back to GPS.
This sometimes "settles" the Naza FC into a good GPS lock.
The culprits discussed have been:
Movement of the airframe when GPS is switched on
Wind forces being dealt with when GPS is switched on
Slightly out of balance airframe (check your COG)
Intermittent GPS interference
A touch of uncorrected TBE
There are more, but I can't recall them all...

i got some drift too but my solution is :
- turn on transmitter
- power up the machine on manual mode
- switch to gps mode
- wait until full gps (green only)
- power off the quad and wait a few seconds
- power up again on gps mode and wait until full gps lock
- ready to fly
Posted by ralfrcgroups | Dec 01, 2012 @ 11:39 AM | 3,502 Views
T J Gilbert

Originally Posted by zokizo View Post
this is been very fast thanks

one more question
does the attitude gain and basic gain of pitch and roll must be the same?
i read manual and there is 3 model of dji (330,450,550) and all have same inputs
for attitude and basic gain
sorry for stupid question
Not stupid questions...
But they've been asked before.
A recommended starting gains is (from TahoeEd):
I fly my F450 with gains:
Attitude and Basic gains address two different things, and don't necessarily need to be the same.
Go to my blog and find my post entitled "Gains" for more detail...