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Posted by JamesCH | Dec 04, 2011 @ 01:02 AM | 3,298 Views
Inspired by Liftworx's Swyft(TM), I made fun with building my own variance. The two servos in the wing leading edge cavity makes fuselarge so small and so low profile. Looking around the house for what can be used as the head section, I found a clear plastic tube from a packaging of crockroach toy bots. That is good for containing 2 CR123A batts and a micro receiver.

The wings are cut from blue construction sheathing foam using HM51 profile. Wing bottoms are reinforced with carbon spars. Tips and joiner-ends were fiber-glassed. The wings are covered with translucent window film. This stuff is heavy! The film added apprx. 45 grams to the wings.

The whole ship came in at 225 grams with wing loading of 15.45 grams/sq.dm. Wings span 1.12 m.

As for the name, well, you can tell from the look of it

Wing bottom: Foam wings cut from blue construction foam with carbon bars. Tips and join-ends are fiber-glasses. Wings are wrapped with translucent window glass film.

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Posted by JamesCH | Nov 08, 2011 @ 09:01 AM | 2,927 Views
I've had so much fun with the Solo pro heli for a while. And many owners of this little beast would come across that annoying fly-bar-hitting-canopy syndrome. Two OEM canopies were replaced and I figured to custom make one. This was made from paper and so shaped to avoid getting hit by the fly bar. You can guess from the design what TV series I like But the great thing with this is becoming a Solo Pro that flies verociously now that the fly bar doesn't hit the canopy. It's like having a different copter!

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