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Posted by Martintin | Feb 03, 2012 @ 03:38 PM | 5,038 Views
Here is the finished project of the RC Exploere TRI copter v.2.5. David has done an exelent job, especialy on the build description. I have had no problems in the building process. Thanks a lot David.
The worst thing, is the waiting on all the parts from HK. They are always sold out (Thanks to David?) It took me at least tree month to get the all the parts, but it is worth the wait. Props came from a friend in Denmark (Thanks Peder) and I already crashed one prop ;-)
I think there must be a lot of Davids TRI copters out in the world!!!
  • The board is a KK Plus 5.5e with the LCD Display
  • Tx Rx is a Turingy 9X, firmware upgraded to ER9X
  • Camera is a HobbyKing Wingcam. Be sure to set the focus right and it a okay fycam!
  • And battery: HK 3S 2200 Nanotec LiPo, with a LiPo alarm installed on every flight!

I'm going to expand the KK borad with a MEMS module, witch is a extreme stabiliser. Coming in march.