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Posted by MadLab | Oct 11, 2012 @ 07:49 PM | 3,049 Views
After member input to shrink the case and add a better form of holding we have ended with this.

Foam capsule to encase the DragonOSD completely and offer:
  • Holds board in place firmly without transmitting impact forces.
  • Lowers Vibrations.
  • Dampens forces produced from harsh impacts.

We have decided to upgrade all of our accessory cases to this method so look for the GPS cases to have the foam insert upgrade.
Posted by MadLab | Oct 10, 2012 @ 03:31 PM | 2,598 Views
A member asked for a cases to fit the DragonOSD board, he provided the measurements and images to build this rendering. We figured two mounting screws one on each side would be sufficient.
  • HDPE Base
  • 1/8 Acrylic Lid
  • All Pins accessible
  • Foam Included to hold board in place

Any Ideas or suggestions, once we send this off to be test fitted we will have them up on our site. If you would like a 20% discount we offer a preorder on the site.
Posted by MadLab | Oct 09, 2012 @ 08:59 PM | 4,088 Views
We have been working with the Crius AIO Pro board and the APM Mission Planner while doing some FPV flights and videos. In the process of our work we decided we needed to come up with a good Antenna Tracking solution so we could worry a little bit less about losing connection with our video transmitter while in flight.

After some careful thought and research we decided the Antenna tracking system would need to have the following requirements.
  • 360 degree pan rotation.
  • At least 40 degree downward tilt, and 90 degree upward tilt
  • Mountable on a Tripod
  • Have its own power supply
  • Be compatible with the APM Mission Planner
  • Capable of switching antenna plates to support different setups
  • Tilt upgradable to dual servos

The pan features a gear box with 7:1 reduction in order to achieve a smooth 360 degrees of rotation on the pan, and be able to support enough weight for all the antennas and anything else we want to add. The tilt uses a standard metal gear 15kg servo that is mounted in side the tilt panels.

After some time of researching the internet and messing around with APM we got the antenna tracking system to work pretty well. Below are some pictures of the system itself. We will hopefully get some videos of it in action and up tomorrow weather providing.

Anything you think we should add to make it more compatible or upgradable? let us know.

You can check out more about it at our website
Posted by MadLab | Oct 04, 2012 @ 09:57 PM | 2,677 Views
Some fun with the Grasshopper V2 while testing the Crius AIO

Mad Lab Industries Halloween Test Flight (1 min 48 sec)