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Posted by Midnite_rider | Nov 18, 2012 @ 09:28 PM | 3,646 Views
I got up today thinking that the wind was going to be blowing like it always is on the weekend when I am off work. I was wrong. It turned out to be a beautiful day. I was completely unprepaired in the RC department. I have this Hanger 9 Alpha that I bought from a guy and it had never been flown. It was so pretty and slick that I didn't want to fly it. I have been flying my blue trainer. I flew ti last friday and my radio battery is not the best, so when I got home, I turned on the receiver and the transmittere and let the batteries completely discharge. i never plugged it back up and it it was completely dead. At the last minute I decided to top off charge my Alpha and take it to the club.

This was a great idea.... I had one of the experienced guys take it up for me. He flew it for a few minutes and made some observations for adjustments. We made the adjustments (minor ones) and he flew it again. It was perfect. He landed it and we hooked up a buddy box and I got to fly it. I flew it 3 times for about 30 minutes total. I have to say that it sure makes a difference flying a good airplane. I really would not have thought that it would make a difference. That Alpha flies sooooo good. It is large and stable, it has no bad tendences. It flies smoothe and is very predictible. I landed it smoothly on the first try.

I want to sayfor any newbies or people wanting to start flying RC, get you a good plane. Don't base your opinion of this hobby on a cheap plane. The difference in flying my cheap 40 trainer and this Alpha 60 is like the difference in driving a 72 Pinto and a 2012 Mustang, I am 48 years old and the large size of the plane make it easy to follow and the big wings make for smoothe flight.
Posted by Midnite_rider | Nov 11, 2012 @ 10:08 PM | 3,411 Views
I went to th club field friday morning. I had the field to myself. I found it so much easier putting my plane together and starting it on the stand than on the ground. I decided to try to build myself one like it.

I had some scrap treated lumber left over from a deck project. I got it cut out and mostly put together today. It was getting dark and about to rain so I did not get the braces put on, but it is pretty sturdy as is. I will get it finished next weekend if I do not have to work both days.

And I also joined an RC club last weekend. North Mississippi RC Club also known as "The Taildraggers"