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Posted by Midnite_rider | Nov 18, 2011 @ 02:32 PM | 2,215 Views
A fellow member of my flying club gave me a Great Planes .60 Cub that he had wrecked. He said he hated the plane and was going to throw it away. I said "hey, throw it my way" I love a Cub and would have hated to see it thrown in the trash. The damage is not bad, I have the instruction book (he built it from a kit) and the roll plans. All parts are available from Great Planes but I plan on cutting them myself. I will need windows for one side and a new cowl. I am going to order a fiberglass one since they are no more expensive than the origional plastic one. Part of the nose needs replacing, the firewall, the upper and lower tank floors and the wingtip. I am going to try to take my time and work on it a little at a time over the winter. I will be looking for a suitable engine for it also. Since I have no disposable income, I will have to find one very cheap somewhere. Either Ebay, craigslist or somewhere like that. Not sure exactly what size i will need, I keep getting different opinions on the engine size. The plans say .60 to .90. Other people have said it needs at least a 1.2 or 1.4. it will probably be what ever jumps up at me at the right price at the right time. I guess i will finish it and then weigh it and see how heavy it is.