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Posted by DannyKopter | Oct 06, 2011 @ 03:16 PM | 6,722 Views
Since I'm new to this forum, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to my collection of helis:

My small 2 channels:

Syma Fairy 2ch indoor helicopter (5)
Propel RC Lil Flyer (2)
Air Hogs Pocket Copter
Silverlit PicooZ (4)

My 3 channels nano coaxial:

Syma S110G (2)
DND ZR-719

My 3 channels and more micro helis:

SanLianHuan 6020-1 V-Max Swift (3)
LiteHawk (2)
LiteHawk Pro
LiteHawk Special Edition Black
SkyRover 8581 Series (2)
SkyRover 8572 Series 4.5 channels
Syma S026G Tandem coaxial
Cobra Toys Xplorer 4 channels (Extremely modified, very fast !)
Jada Toys Air Command Police helicopter
BladeRunner Interceptor
Revell Proto CX
Blade MCX (2)
Blade MCX2
Blade MSR (2)
Blade 400 3D
Blade mCPx
Nine Eagles Free Spirit
Nine Eagles Solo Pro V 260A

My Spy Cam helicopters:

Air Hogs HawkEye (Bad product, very noizy, didn't last a week, can't turn it
on anymore...)
SanLianHuan 6030 C7 spy Helicopter (Freshly arrived last week, currently
under modifications)

That's it !
I think...