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Posted by Heppy Ket | Apr 19, 2016 @ 07:17 PM | 15,466 Views
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Anyone tried this one out as yet, seems to be new and looks very interesting.

Posted by Heppy Ket | Mar 17, 2015 @ 09:21 PM | 4,894 Views
I spotted this a while ago and it looked interesting, after some research it appears that it will cope with a bit of wind, coming from Illinois (US) that should be the case. Other examples have appeared in the UK and NZ, this, is so far as I know the first one in the land of Oz. Sadly we are moving soon, so construction cannot begin until April.

More info here https://www.flyingfoam.com/content/nurf

De boxing here
Flying Foam Nurf (it's just arrived) (3 min 28 sec)

Posted by Heppy Ket | Oct 25, 2014 @ 11:48 PM | 6,173 Views
Once called an FPV Raptor, I have the Phoenix 2000 and love the wing on that (it is the same) so that gives me the option of a 2m wing (replacement) a 1.6m wing and if the Phoenix Evo is still around a 2.6m wing.

The intent is to replace the Skywalker V6 which to my mind is the perfect iteration of the Skywalkers. The choice of Skywalkers is now quite confusing I find, so after conferring with some operators of the old FPV Raptor here is where we are.

I have experience with those that dip toward the ground on take-off, knowing that in advance I shall prepare the wing for two flap settings, a take off setting and a landing setting. Problem solved.

Airframe complete, just the EzUhf receiver to fit, and I shall test fly.
Posted by Heppy Ket | Nov 11, 2013 @ 10:01 PM | 32,530 Views
Thanks to Jason, who asked me to do the build log and testing as he was unable to proceed due to unforseen last minute commitments elsewhere, Thanks also to Jill from Zeta Science.

Lets begin, I thought I'd get this going and add the video once that has finished uploading.

First Impressions,

She came wrapped in bubble wrap and taped inside a cardboard "tray" which was contained in an outer carton. The outside carton had been pierced by a largish blunt object that had not penetrated the inner carton, the aircraft arrived intact with no damage.

Gosh it's big. I have a Gentle Lady 2 metre sailplane that is an old favourite FPV ship, but this thing has such "presence" it is sure to impress out in the field and in the air.

Compared to the Skywalker the cargo area looks capacious. Another word for big.

FX-79 Build Log part A (1 min 25 sec)

Posted by Heppy Ket | Aug 28, 2013 @ 12:26 AM | 6,457 Views
Having flown here a few times LOS recently now was the time to grit the teeth and try an FPV flight. Frank (Ommadawn) was here when I arrived. He was flying his Nimbus. Later he went for a longer trip with the X8. I had the two 200mw Range Video setups here on the Gentle Lady, one with the KX1 camera and the other with the Fatshark CMOS camera. It was somewhat overcast and the KX1 was dark as I have become accustomed to, but the Fatshark just looked a bit weird and I was getting a lot of drop outs (reviewing the video later, it was largely due to being overhead a lot). Here's a compilation.

FPV miaden flight, Mt Terrible (10 min 32 sec)

Posted by Heppy Ket | Aug 05, 2013 @ 06:38 AM | 7,194 Views
First thing to do is go through the box and make sure everything you need is there!

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Description: Motor, ESC, UHF Rx, Vtx and camera on Pod & Servos

Motor, ESC, UHF Rx, servos x 4,

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Packet of stuff (Includes glue) Props, pre painted canopy

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Posted by Heppy Ket | Aug 04, 2013 @ 06:47 AM | 7,201 Views
Just a side project for the Zeta FX-79 Buffalo which I am intending to launch using this bungee launcher.

A quick video

Hobby King Bungee Launcher (3 min 0 sec)

Hopefully a test flight with Miss (Guinea) Piggy
Posted by Heppy Ket | Jun 11, 2013 @ 04:30 AM | 6,504 Views
It seems to be somthing of a bee in my bonnet to get this done. Friends of ours have a property at Geegeela in South Australia, and its 3.5km to the Victorian border. On the other side of the border is the Little Desert National Park. So the divide between farmland and National Park is easy to see.

I had not got the Skywalker quite up to where I wanted it, the OSD was not in as yet, but apart from that all was good. Just needed to test out the UHF gear in this aircraft, I had done a few flights with the Gentle Lady using a 4 channel UHF receiver and she went well.

A test and trim flight, went well, so I determined to do landmark navigation and set off along the track to the back of Ross and Julie's place and a hop across the neighbour's place out the back and there you are. Pick out landmarks on the way out and it could not be simpler.

It was easy, got out and back no problem at all. Decided this would be worth a HD movie and fitted up the CamOne Infinity.

Off we go again. nothing to report until I turn for home, realise I've drifted a little further south than intended on the cross wind and possibly a little lower than last time, aim into the wind and gun it to get a little altitude when the picture dropped out, back briefly and kept dropping out.

What to do, power off, wings level try and head west and identify where it will come down, If I get a good video signal back again so much the better.

It is the sadest feeling riding a stricken aircraft down to the ground realising there is nothing you can do. For what it's worth, here's the video, and yes another Skywalker is on it's way. Glutton for punishment!

FPV Epic Interstate flight South Australia to Victoria (7 min 1 sec)

Posted by Heppy Ket | May 26, 2013 @ 07:04 PM | 6,829 Views
Saturday - light winds (northish) and overcast, took a look at Hallett Cove. The northerly is possible, but I'd like a bit more oomph next time. I'll keep it in mind. Shot some video, but rather dark, so I'll wait for another day.

Sunday - Fog (good, likely to be no wind) which had lifted by the time I got to TI. Gentle northerly and a clear blue sky ... woo hoo!!

I put the Gentle Lady up first as a further test of the Skew Planar Wheel aerial and the vtx, and works very well, now to finish the job for the soarers and install a simple OSD and vario.

Then three Skywalker flights, and two were recorded with the CamOne Infinity, so here's an edit, the first was done on the SD card recorder, but didn't turn out waaa it had my first cloud encounters on it. Sigh!

[Youtube video deleted in protest over changes that lock me in to Google+]

Please enjoy on Vimeo ... Password is Poobar

Follow the leader (5 min 59 sec)

Posted by Heppy Ket | Apr 28, 2013 @ 04:00 PM | 6,403 Views
Having missed FPVing for a few weeks due to moving house, today was the day come what may. The weather forecast was not the greatest, but I had a Market Umbrella to move out to the flying site, to replace the tarpaulin I have been using to date. It was christened straight away with one light shower of rain, then it was fine and although cloudy, a bit of sun shone through, a good morning in the end. Three flights altogether today, this is the second one. Password is Poobar

Second FPV flight near Port Adelaide 280413 (5 min 15 sec)

Posted by Heppy Ket | Apr 01, 2013 @ 04:58 PM | 6,358 Views
Three days out of five is pretty good going! At Port Adelaide on Friday and Monday, Scotty appears to have sorted his vtx problem out, removed a fair bit of metallic tape from two airframes, but, we had overlooked the obvious. We have come to the conclusion the channel he was using is, sadly, now occupied, so we've had to re-organise the channel usage between the three of us. Next time, this happens, we will have to take a look on the goggles and see if there are any transmissions.

I went slope soaring again on Sunday, pretty good morning, but a couple of squalls went through, I was caught up in one, and that was interesting for a few minutes. I maidened a second hand Radian, to replace the Lady, she gets her nose out of joint too easily with the rough landings, she is better suited to FPV. Here she is yesterday taking a look at the "Ship's Graveyard".

Exploring the hulks of the Port River (6 min 10 sec)

Posted by Heppy Ket | Mar 16, 2013 @ 05:58 PM | 7,288 Views
Too windy for the FPV this weekend, but fortunately winds were from the South West, so it was a mid-day session at Hallett Cove. I took my Windrider Scout Bee, Andrew had a little 1.2m glider, his DLG and a Windrider Bee 2. There was another guy who lives locally turned up with a Wing Wing Z84 and Bill came with his Walrus and had his maiden slope soaring flight, did very well too. I have to say I'm impressed with the Windrider wings, I bought mine to evaluate for FPV, I am not keen on bad stall characteristics in wings, but this design seems pretty good (so far).

You'll notice a couple of interesting "turns" at the end. I'm sure a wing has stalled, snapped the thing round into the wind and started flying again. Seems harmless enough if you leave it alone to recover itself.

Here's a video

Slope Soaring Hallett Cove 16th March 2012 (6 min 29 sec)

Posted by Heppy Ket | Mar 11, 2013 @ 03:27 AM | 6,668 Views
A hot and sweaty weekend, some good flying at the Island yesterday, a good video done by Helichoper but I'm not sure if it is public, he and Paradude had a slight midair as well. I was in the air at the same time, so I could hear this stuff going on but I couldn't see anything.

My gremlin appears to have left the Skywalker. It is so obvious that I feel a little silly after having taken a shot at Scotty some time ago for wrapping a section of fuselage with aluminium tape with a 36mhz aerial inside it.

The old skywalker had the leading edge reinforced with a cut up Coke can to stop rubber bands wearing into the foam, I thought this was a good idea and did the same on my new one, I also added a strip on the trailing edge of the wing, but what made the difference was the aluminium flashed mylar tape covering the servo wires and servos in the wing. about 60cm of it .... I took it off and replaced all with vinyl and it worked. Crystal clear, and out to approx 1.7km today.

To Moana today, and some of the longest flights I have done. I chickened out more because of the 36mhz radios both now PCM, so no glitches to warn me anymore.

Heres the video link:

FPV flight near Ochre Point, Moana, South Australia (7 min 17 sec)

Posted by Heppy Ket | Feb 11, 2013 @ 12:46 AM | 7,055 Views
I've been flying one of these for the past 18 months or so, and it has become the model that I pick up anytime I just want to belt something around the park for a while.

It was originally bought as an aileron trainer. I had grown up on three channels and was used to rudder, aileron and throttle (on occasion) but had only one aircraft equipped with ailerons and it didn't last long enough to teach me much.

It has been a great little thing to fly and moderately (sport) aerobatic as well, the nose is most prone to damage, not much marks the rest apart from a small dent in the wing (tree).

Here's the one and only video of #1.

A Tribute to the Red Eagle Dragonfly F1. (4 min 41 sec)

So, the replacement arrived today and I'll be doing some mods.

The original runs a 1000mw 3s battery (originally 2s) which gives a nice turn of speed and about 12mins flying time. ESC is a Turnigy 10amp, and a Hoffman Magnetics OTR 1700kv motor driving a Graupner 6x5.5 prop. 4x9(ish)gm E-flite servos and a Hitec Optima 6 rx.

Thinking time .....
Posted by Heppy Ket | Feb 09, 2013 @ 12:59 AM | 6,491 Views
Seems to be that the Gremlins are less in evidence today, still not as good as I would like, but definitely not the ESC, not the Vtx nor the Vrx, will continue to work at it, but ready to install the rest of the gear now.

While checking I recorded this flight, Scotty is flying, I tuned into his Vtx as he is using an Immersion 5.8ghz setup like I have.

[Youtube video deleted in protest over changes that lock me in to Google+]
Posted by Heppy Ket | Feb 04, 2013 @ 12:34 AM | 6,865 Views
Maidened Scotty's autogyro today, headed straight out and went like a beauty, but lost altitide on the right hand turn and clipped the tall grass and down we went, but happy to have actually had a flight at last however short, some repairs to do and have another go.

Still getting some probs with the 5.8ghz setup have a few suggestions to try and may try moving the vtx as well, I don't think it's the ESC, but best to be sure.

Tried the CamOne Infinity on the Skywalker as well, quietly impressed by it too. Will have a few changes to make for vibration damping, but nothing drastic. So far the Nylon Bolt for the camera (tripod mount) is working well.

Can't wait for the new lens, that gives me 146 degree and 90 something degrees for a quick change.

Here's the trouble shooting video from the SD card recorder.

[Youtube video deleted in protest over changes that lock me in to Google+]
Posted by Heppy Ket | Jan 27, 2013 @ 05:08 AM | 6,749 Views
After a rough landing in the sense that I nosed into a stand of wild oats that loosened the solder on the SMA connector that holds the SPW antenna to the Immersion 2.4ghz 100mw tx, consequently, there was no good picture last week. Grant kindly resoldered and it worked a treat today.

Also tried out the vtx (the same one) with the 2.4ghz diversity receiver with the other Circular Wireless SPW and Grant's 2.4ghz 5 turn Helical CANNON. Lastly I managed (at last) to get a couple of 6mm board lenses, now I have a (roughly) 70 degree FOV so, it's pretty much the same as on the video, but of course in 4x3. The big difference is that it brings everything much closer, and as my vision in the goggles is fuzzy, then this helps enourmously.

What a treat it was to be heading outwards after all these weeks since the loss of the last Skywalker, didn't go as far as I thought, but, still close to the furthest out I've ever been.

Here's the video, pity it's a bit bouncy, but it was a lumpy road today. I still have to sort out the colour on this #16v2 keychain camera ....

[Youtube video deleted in protest over changes that lock me in to Google+]
Posted by Heppy Ket | Jan 23, 2013 @ 09:48 PM | 6,915 Views
Gremlins, I couldn't shake them this weekend, both the 2.4ghz system and 5.8ghz 600mw system were giving me a hard time. It was mostly likely the soldering job on the 2.4ghz SMA connector that was the problem there, but I'm puzzled with the 5.8ghz. White bands occasionally, seems mostly when about to change channel on the diversity receiver, but, I wouldn't trust that assessment just yet.

The #16v2 keychain camera ... will set the white balance before going out,,rather than leave on auto, tested today (on the bike) and works much better, was getting a drastic colour change if pointing at nothing but the sky for a few seconds. Also cooled the colour temp a bit as well, looks a bit more natural as well.

Got the 6mm lenses for the Fatshark cameras today, can't wait to try them out either, should give me a "closer" more detailled picture, sure hope so.
Posted by Heppy Ket | Jan 13, 2013 @ 04:07 PM | 6,486 Views
Not the greatest weather this weekend, went for a quick circuit around Ti, and chickened out crossing the river to get pictures of the old hulks on the other side. Next time maybe.

Scotties autogyro is awaiting my maiden flight, the Lil Plank is plodding along, and the Prophet 941 has commenced as well tailplane is nearly complete. I was going to complete the Lil Plank, but it's taking forever.

I have a couple of 2.4ghz Lawmate tx's i bought from Frank and will try one of those out this coming weekend. Probli one for a glider and one for a spare pod on the Skywalker. I don't know that I'll do much solo with Skywalker, the Gentle Lady seems to be a comfortable size to launch alone.

And, finally made up my mind and pulled the trigger on the CamOne Infinity, over GoPro because of the ease of changing lenses. I just couldn't end up with the Explorer because I could not decide about changing lenses, too doubtful, so we'll see what happens. I get a divebox too mmm.

Here's a link to the latest flight from yesterday.

[Youtube video deleted in protest over changes that lock me in to Google+]
Posted by Heppy Ket | Jan 06, 2013 @ 04:27 PM | 6,332 Views
Background:- How'd we get here? In the early to mid 70's I was flying slope soarers for a while and an Aeroflyte Hustler as the only powered job. The slope soarers were mainly Aeroflyte tridents, standard in the beginning and somewhat modified as time went by. The radio gear was an Australian made Titan set and of course it was 27mhz. It was a single stick affair, so being right handed I learned Mode 2 without even knowing. My only regret from this period is purchasing a Graupner Moskito kit that I never built and never flew.

Four years ago I was in a Dick Smith store in Victoria and spotted a r/c plane called a Stealth Hornet that I flew the wings off.

Then of course I wanted another one and found the internet ... oboy oboy ,,, and so cheap !!!

So I settled on a Firebird Phantom and flew the wing off two of those and converted an Aeroflyte Shrike glider using the bits from the Phantom. I then lashed out and bought a Hitec Optic Six 36mhz radio setup. I went for HF because I understood it and it turned out to be a good choice for later.