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Posted by epwierman | Oct 24, 2007 @ 12:25 PM | 11,035 Views
Airfoil: MG06
Wing Area: 298 in?
Wing Loading: 15 oz/ft? +
Overall Length: 35 inches (889 mm)
Weight Empty: 21 oz (320g) empty
Weight All Up: 32 oz + 12 oz ballast
Ctrl Surfaces: Ail/Flap/Rud/Elev (V-tail)
Features All hollow molded one piece carbon skinned wing and tail

From SUSA: The Carbon Banana is our fastest 60" glider. Considerably beefier than the standard glass Banana, the all Carbon version exhibits phenomenal precision and stability in the air. It's ability to cut through choppy air is uncanny, and extremely rewarding. The Carbon Banana uses the MG06 airfoil from Marcel Guwang, also used on the F3F record holding Miraj 30.80 the Pike Brio, and our own Trinity. This plan form and airfoil gives the Banana great handling and is very smooth with excellent ?grip? in the turns. This plane will out accelerate of our other 60" planes. Period.

The Carbon Banana is an absolute pleasure to fly. It feels much "larger" in the air, yet remains very nimble. It almost defies description in it's handling. Adjectives such as "smooth", "fast", "liquid", "oiled", "rush", "fantastic", "breathtaking" and so forth are always heard when a pilot is first given the transmitter. Frequently followed by, "No way, I'm keeping it!", or, "Come on, just a bit longer, pleaassee?" when we try to retrieve our transmitter from the now manically possessive guest pilots...Continue Reading