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Posted by TuMadre | Jul 01, 2013 @ 09:21 PM | 3,160 Views
Did the cardinal sin this weekend - put a crashed speed control into a cheap plane to test it out. Good ESC - a Castle TB 36, so I didn't just want to throw it away, right?

Up she goes, and I get to talking and flying on cruise control and about 400' the sticks stop working. Completely. Yikes - it sux to watch a perfectly good plane nose in from 1/4 mile away.

Well I decided 2 days later I decide to put the keychain camera on the front of the Bixler and do a little 'cropdusting'. Land, plug the camera into the latop and...

Aha! Found it - not even a bent prop shaft!!

I'm currently rehabilitating the LiPO, and if that works out then 2 days in the wild and no worse for wear.