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Posted by Hasi | Feb 22, 2015 @ 03:37 AM | 5,492 Views
I have decided to write my first blog about my little FPV Quadcopter. I wanted to have a small FPV Quadcopter, so I can also fly indoors. My goals were small size, some crash resistance, reasonable flight times and performance, good video quality, good flight characteristics, reasonable range, and I wanted to use my existing transmitter which is a Taranis with a FlySky (same protocol as the Turnigy 9X) module in the back.

Small size & crash resistance: There are some frames out there, but I chose one of the 100 sized platform frames from picnicquads.com. It is made out of a sandwich composite material, so it is tough, yet very lightweight. You can also choose from different motor sizes, because the motor mounts are separate.

Flight times & performance: To accomplish these I did some research on RCGroups about the best motor/prop combo. Next I calculated the MTOM to be about 50g with a bigger (750mAh 1S LiPo) battery, which meant I need to have 100g+ thrust. RCG member woodsturning did a lot of micro quad equipment testing and for my needs the Chaoli CL-0720 motors with the Hubsan propellers seemed to be the best.

Video quality: After watching some DVR videos of small cameras I decided to use a 520TVL MC900 with a wide angle lens from FPVHobby. It has a really nice image and also works in low light conditions.
I have a Fatshark Base with a built in receiver, which is fixed on 5705Mhz, so the VTX also had to have this frequency. The TX5810-100 also from FPVHobby...Continue Reading