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Posted by Dirty Dee | Yesterday @ 08:46 PM | 806 Views
I'm compiling a thread to showcase the various ordinance I have modeled and uploaded to Thingiverse for others to download. Thread will be updated as I add more ordinance and complete painting/decals.

Model Downloads for 3D Printing
All these ordinance listed in the thread are uploaded to Thingiverse so anyone with a 3D printer can download the files and print for themselves. One thing to note is that all files are uploaded with a Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives license.

Direct links to the specific parts will be posted in the various posts below. For a link to all designs I have created you can go here and browse through the list:

3D Printing Service
If you do not have access to a printer, I offer my services to printing the various parts. I print all ordinance in ABS, as it is more heat resistant to temperature as well as it being able to be welded/glued together with acetone. Parts can even be smoothed with a careful application of acetone via a brush or in a vapor chamber.

Optional Assembly Fee
If you would like for the parts to be pre-assembled, the cost will be $5 for each part. If you buy the LAU-117 with the AGM-65 the assembly fee for both will just be $5 instead of $10. All parts are glued together with acetone.

Shipping Cost
For a majority of parts and bundles, I charge $10 for shipping/packaging.

If the order contains 4 or more pieces, the shipping rate may increase depending on what parts are ordered and if anything is pre-assembled.

How to Purchase
If you would like to order some ordinance, send me a PM with the list of ordinance and any assembly services you would like. I will then respond with the total cost with shipping as well as my PayPal information.
Posted by Dirty Dee | May 04, 2018 @ 12:43 AM | 3,613 Views
I have developed a 3D printed cockpit upgrade kit specific for the 1.7m Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II. The complete interior is replaced with 3D printed decking and parts using ABS, which has a higher heat tolerance to PLA. Other nice features of ABS is the ease of sanding and ability to be smoothed with acetone (and even glued/welded together with it).

I am offering my printing services to print this cockpit set for anyone interested in doing this upgrade for their A-10.

  • All ABS parts
  • No exposed foam to gator in the sun
  • Greater scale fidelity than the stock cockpit
  • ACES II ejection seat fits 1/10th scale JHH pilot figure
  • Instrument panel modeled as A-10A variant
  • (If there is enough interest I may offer an A-10C option)

Kit Contents:
  • Unpainted ABS parts. 0.2mm layer height for all parts with the exception of the ACES II, which is 0.15mm layer height.
  • Clear PTEG piece for HUD
  • Instrument panels/gauges printed on photo paper.

Modification Requirements:
  • Canopy removal
  • Extensive cockpit foam shaving
  • Cockpit tub removal and widening
  • Canopy frame alignment with canopy piece

Pricing :
Full kit - $75 Shipped CONUS
w/o ABS decking $70 Shipped CONUS
(free decking templates will be provided for anyone wanting to cut from styrene or other sheeting material.)

Ordering Info:
Send me a PM with what you would like and if you would like to include any other A-10 accessories listed in post #4. I will then give estimated lead time as well as my PayPal information. If there is a backlog of 3+ people, you can hold off on sending a payment and I will put you in the queue. When your set is ready I will send a PM and you can then send the payment.

It takes about 2-3 days to print the full cockpit set depending if I let the printer run while I sleep or am at work.

Current Queue:
  • None

Posted by Dirty Dee | Nov 24, 2017 @ 10:42 PM | 3,485 Views
Plans and instructions are free for personal use, not for commercial resale.

Original Build Thread Located Here

1/18th Scale
46.4" Wingspan w/ winglets (43.7" without)
65.3" Length
252.48 sq. in. wing area (no winglets)
AUW: 1415-1675g (3.11-3.69lbs)
Wing Loading: 28.4-33.7 oz. / sq. ft.
CWL: 21.5-25.4

(2) Changesun 50mm 11-blade EDFs w/ 4900KV motors
(1) 2650mAH 4S 35C
(2) 40A YEP ESCs
(10) HXT900 Servos (2 Ailerons, 1 Rudder, 4 Flaps, 2 elevator, 1 Nose Steering)