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Posted by Troy | Aug 13, 2007 @ 12:12 AM | 13,345 Views
Wonderful day of flying! It was a beautiful morning... the birds were chirping, the sky was clear, the lipos were charged!!!

I set up my Yak with a Scorpion 2212-22 because I had one and knew it pulled over 22oz of thrust. Knowing Pedro was flying his on a smaller prop gave me confidence it would be fine with a 9X6 prop. I did my usual preflight, juiced the throttle, and under-hand tossed it into the sky. I immediately noticed I was twitchy and was going to need some more expo, but after the initial climb out I got the feel of it and just kept it light around center sticks. The motor combo I thought was going to be mild was, to my surprise, wild and fast. It had zoom galore and rocketed skyward like a home-sick angel. Me likes! A few clicks of trim and tested out some up lines to see how it tracks, very nice (Borat) Once it was flying straight I came in for some torque rolls. In the still morning air it locked into a hover and just started spinning. It didn't fight me at all. I zoomed out of there and tried some knife edge circles and a knife edge loop. Once again very nice... Got up high and blendered into a really nice inverted flat spin. I just kept thinking that this was going to be one of those planes that just makes you look good because it is so well balanced and predictable. I flew some basic pattern style lines and it tracked nicely there, too. After 11 minutes my timer went off and I didn't want to land. I was having too much fun. Brought it around, pulled up into a hover, and snagged it out of the air by hand. I was jazzed and ready to throw in another pack!!

My over all impression of the Yak is great. It is easy to build, easy to set up, and flies wonderful. Kudos to Mike and Pedro for getting this one right! I am definitely going to be adding some color to the bottom because by contrast to the top, stark white is tough to see out at distance.

I didn't get any video but managed to get some digital pics.

Build Log here: