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Posted by Troy | Jun 01, 2007 @ 01:48 PM | 7,378 Views
In between all of my work on the GTP car kits, I needed to get another foamie built to fly at the local park. I am really lucky to have my weekend club field 10 minutes away and my local park almost walking distance. With daylight savings now working favorably for quick after-work sessions, I can sneak out and get some more flying during the week.

A buddy who lives in San Diego started up production of a line of kits at He has an array of 3-D ships and a few unique warbirds. He even has a nice Pattern style plane to practice sequences with. They're all CNC cut depron and go together like an easy jigsaw puzzle.

I liked his Double-X Bipe for its size (it's a bigger foamie) and the fact my previous bipe's gear would be a shoe-in. It's AUW is in the 22oz range so it will fly in a little wind without much trouble. I was also in the mood to do a nice paint scheme since my last foamie looked a bit too Frankenstein for me. In the end I am really pleased with how it turned out and the flying charactersitics are equally impressive. It's a smooth flyer and is certainly capable of all things 3-D.

Here's a quick vid of my Bipe and my buddy Neil's Extra from DW Foamies on maiden flights.