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Posted by seeker | Jun 16, 2009 @ 10:43 AM | 3,195 Views
These pics were taken last year on the Vagabond Sportfisher
Posted by seeker | Dec 06, 2006 @ 11:31 PM | 3,159 Views
After prowling the liftzone, for a couple years, I thought I would put a little info about myself in my blog.
I started flying in So Cal back in the late seventies. Joined the USMC in 1980 and did not return to flying until 92. It was then I found myself in Las Vegas NV.
I took a look around and figured there had to be slopes to fly. When asking about slope flying at the LHS's, I was told there were no slopes to fly. So my search began. I have found twelve slopes to date. Three of those have very good ds grooves. Shoot me a pm if you are coming to Vegas and would like to fly. I will be happy to give you the tour ( or mark your map).
My ds personal best is 209 mph at the present time. I believe I have went faster but I don't have a radar gun. I just know I felt real comfortable when I was radared at 209. I hope to go 280 mph within the next year. Two MC3 Opus and a Dynamic 80" by Joe Manor should help me get there, as long as I build carefully,tight, and don't dumb thumb it.
I am hopelessly addicted to sailplanes and I enjoy the addiction. I fly F3B and F3J planes when the wind isn't blowing enough to fly slope. The Graphite, Pike Giant, and Trinity F3B fill the bill on these days.