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Posted by Swath | Feb 11, 2018 @ 12:06 AM | 2,513 Views
Bat 100
BAT - 100 100mm FPV racing drone is just like a bat, because it is as light as a brushed one, however, the multirotor uses more powerful brushless motors and ESCs. With the integration of 4-in-1 ESC and AIO FPV camera, this incredible RC quadcopter measures less than 30g after its battery is taken off, which means high maneuverability. The little racer is dedicated to indoor and outdoor race, 48 channels are provided for FPV racing, including RaceBand; besides, freewheeling and active braking are allowed to create more excitement.

Main Features:
● Ultralight mini multicopter with carbon fiber frame, less than 30g ( excluding battery )
● 0705 15000KV high RPM brushless motor + 4-in-1 brushless ESC for thrilling flight
● F3 flight control system features a variety of functions, stability and responsiveness
● 600TVL AIO FPV camera with integrated 5.8G 48CH 25mW video transmitter and antenna
● 3.7V 500mAh 30C LiPo for 4 - 6 minutes' flying after only 20 minutes' charging

Wheelbase: 100mm
Size: 95 x 80 x 25mm
Frame material: 3K carbon fiber
Weight: 29.1g ( without battery ); 42g ( with battery and propellers )
Brushless motor: 0705 15000KV
Brushless ESC: 4-in-1 10A
Propeller: 56mm two-blade
Compatible receiver: PPM / SBUS / DSM
Battery: 3.7V 500mAh 30C LiPo ( included )
Flight time: 4 - 6 minutes
Buzzer: 13 x 13mm ( including LED )

Teeny1s F3 Flight Controller
Size: 20 x 20 x 5mm
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Posted by Swath | Sep 08, 2011 @ 06:53 PM | 2,385 Views
My grandson asked if I would take him to the lhs and give him his $85 I was holding for all his hard work this past year. He was looking to buy a RC car. I was sceptical about what he could get for that little money but I am always game to go look at all the cool gizmos at the hobby store. (Back in the late 80s I was doing the electric dirt buggy thing, loved it.)

Well, sure enough, the selection was very limited, I saw some micro helicopters and asked Dom if he might be interested on one of those. He was excited so we asked the counter feller about them. He steered me away from the one we were holding and pointed us to one that he said they carried a few parts for and was reasonable in price. I knew nothing about these things but I did know it made no sense to buy something we couldn't repair. I then saw a set of two Force Battle Zone helicopters and asked about them. He said they carried every single part for those. Well, that was it, our decision was made. And I couldn't let my grandson fly alone now could I? I also bought a 4 cell charger and 4 150mah batteries knowing well how this was going to go.

We bought the set, took em home, charged em up and spent the afternoon flying them all over my drive, sticking them in trees, crashing on the street, running into everything. But it was a blast for the both of us. We didn't learn the finer points, but we could manage to make them fly in a general direction when the wind was down. Nothing broke, it was a good...Continue Reading