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Posted by Johnnymeg | Oct 02, 2012 @ 10:10 PM | 29,669 Views
On October 1st 2012, My co-pilot James and best friend decided were going to launch an Rc airplane into space.

I saw the idea on another thread and thought wouldnt it be cool to fly back down through the atmosphere instead of using a parachute..

We will begin R&D and testing out all the differnt equiptment and planing the entire operation.

We will be using dragon Link and Uthere RUBY and Ground control for the base station.

We have decided our platform will be a Hercules set up as a glider.

We will have several onboard cameras. Go Pro, Keychain Cam and Pan Tilt Flight cam.

Some of the challenges will be a launch Site.
FAA approval
Gps Equipment to safely retrieve the Aircraft.
Wind Conditions
Weight of the Aircraft and Size of the balloon

I plan to launch the plane with a weather balloon where it will begin its 2 hour long 18 mile Accent into the stratosphere. Then Autopilot or RTH will bring it back within range of Video and RC control to a successful landing Hopefully near the Launch Site.

I will supply pictures and updates as we go along.

Stay tuned. And please chime in with any ideas or help on this topic

Sponsors: iBcrazy International

UPDATE 10/30/12

This project began as an Idea to do somthing fun, and now with the help and support...Continue Reading