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Posted by jjooeehunt | Nov 17, 2011 @ 04:17 AM | 1,953 Views
Hi guys.
I am just going to start building this model, but will a little twist to the norm. I'm not sure if its been done before on any pusher, but i think it must of been. I am going to be mounting the pusher motor to a swash plate thus giving me 2 axis thrust vectoring (rudder and elevator). I printed off the plans yesterday (and then spent an hour or two fitting them together and filling in the blanks due to the printer cutting the side off). I have made a prototype of the swash assembly from a spare swash plate i had lying round from another little to ambitious project. I have also ordered all the 6mm depron, motor and props. I am away till Wednesday now but will post some pics when I am home and will also try and post a build log, so you can follow if i succeed of fail.....