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Posted by UrbanDrones | Jan 23, 2012 @ 09:15 AM | 2,292 Views

Located in the USA, UrbanDrones.com is an RC online Hobby store dedicated to making FPV easy for all flyers and providing top quality parts to the FPV and Remote Control Hobby Community.

At UrbanDrones.com you will find all the gear you need to make your normal aircraft or terrain vehicle into fun packed FPV machine!

Don't want to deal with all the soldering, wiring and hassle involved in putting together an FPV rig? No problem because the website's Plug and Play section offers Fully Configured FPV systems in all the usable legal frequencies. Some systems will let you fly for miles!

All the Fully Configured FPV Systems are designed with upgrades in mind, making it easy to add upgrades or change its components when want. You can also get a more Advanced System with OSD, Return Home, Goggles an even Long Distance Remote Control Systems.

Still have questions? Feel free to use the "Contact us" page to ask questions, and you will receive an answer within hours.