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Posted by JohnnyCrash.NYC | Feb 03, 2014 @ 07:16 PM | 3,242 Views
Rant an expression of frustration or a cry for attention thats my definition

It was hard to decide what to classify this post as so I chose rant because im still angry

I quit my club today actually yesterday I turned in my key I will not pay its dues I will not cooporate or volunteer my time in anyway shape or form Im actually considering doing my best to have the field shut down

I can see nature gradually taking it over and you know why???

Because of the actions of a few and the non action of many ...

My definition of club is a collective of people looking to advance an agenda not a collective of people who serve the agenda of a few namely two or three who believe that a club is all about them being able to collect money

have free storage and verbally abuse those who do not agree with the agenda

or threaten them or hurt them through slanderous gossip to affect their standing in the community

Its one thing to break chops its another to abuse target and villafy those who stand up to you my case they have severley underestimated my resolve to obtain satisfaction I fully intend to use every goverment agency and every tool at my disposal to close their beloved fiefdom I have told them so that the freightrain of inspectors that will come will have been released by me

I didnt go to the field today to pick a fight I went to fly a plane I didnt go there to be insulted but insulted I was

I didnt go to have my property intentionally destroyed but it was and now well now I want my money and I want an apology I want these trolls suspended or out

but thats not going to happen so ... Im going to shut down the whole shebang anyone who is in my old club and sees this post be certain

I will have satisfaction best regards
Posted by JohnnyCrash.NYC | Jun 14, 2013 @ 07:18 PM | 2,912 Views
Great plane fly s easy no need for four cell plenty of power and the retracts work fine Flown of asphalt 5 minute flight times on 3300 40 c

from motion rc good service
Posted by JohnnyCrash.NYC | Jul 09, 2012 @ 10:04 PM | 3,221 Views
If one has decided that they want to try 1400MM flying of FMS Warbirds and they have previous expierence with succesfull landings on smaller birds make this one your first FMS Warbird for one reason and one reason only ...

The fixed gear and it also has forward rake ... a very durable plane with the exception of the narrow tail section

All one has to do is add some carbon rods from the leadng edge to the tail ...that will truly reinforce this plane has the 480 KV but is faster than my p40 I fly it with a 3000 40 c 4 cell it comes with a 50 amp esc Ive heard of them burning out I havnt had any issue WOT I had to add 4 ounces to the nose as it came very tail heavy the flaps are very good check the hinges on the wings mine were poorly adhered and be sure to not toss away the spare tail wheel post youll need it on grass ... very good plane for the money
Posted by JohnnyCrash.NYC | Jul 09, 2012 @ 09:56 PM | 3,212 Views
Meanest parkflyer parkzone makes before you go any further


I purchased the kit version with a power 15 motor flew it with the stock 3 blade my plane required 3.58 ounces in the nose its ok with the wheels but is better flown without gear I also added flaps on mine not to slow it down but to decrease aero length without doing that its has way to much on the wings ...a perfect flyer tracks on rails 7 minute flights with 3 cell 2200 40c which I tuck way forward forget the battery placement push it way forward into the cowl under the esc fits perfect ...

2 cons its not very durable on grass and the foam is not paint friendly its also nowhere near as durable as my dynam p51 ...

If it only came with retracts .... a big minus as well ...I predict that this bird will fall into obscurity as I will likely purchase the Dynam 109 as a replacement when this one goes ...
Posted by JohnnyCrash.NYC | Jul 09, 2012 @ 08:53 PM | 2,825 Views
Planes a real winner .... best p51 Ive ever flown puts the horizon hobby one to shame durable but it does have its quircks one being the ez connector for the elevator change it out to a clevis type to avoid loosing your elevator on mine I changed the esc to a 65 and flew it with the stock motor no problems I also changed out the dynam retracts with Hobbypartz 3.0s and added forward rake by bending the struts and eliminating the gear doors added 2 ounces to the nose I have flown this plane with a 2200 4 cell but it can also handle a 3000 4 cell for buccu flight times highly recommended for a third or fourth plane
Posted by JohnnyCrash.NYC | Jul 09, 2012 @ 08:47 PM | 2,702 Views
Purchased from Bannana hobby ...

Great flyer tracks on rails I fly mine with a 3300 40 C proper rake on gear very stable takesoffs solidly built and very fast for stock as this bird has the New 580 KV motor reported to have issues with QC with the bell housings flying out of the plane ...on my version the retracts only worked with the Orange receiver ...but then one of them gave out many people have been having issues with the retracts ...BH said they would send me new ones today but its been no easy task and has taken me two months HK has 514s in Stock they came after 6 weeks so this plane has only flown 2x in the 2 months Ive owned it look forward to getting it back up in the air again ...There are other distributors that supposedly are better such as Phillips RC I have not ordered from them yet and until BH makes good on my retract issue no more planes from them only time will tell
Posted by JohnnyCrash.NYC | Jul 09, 2012 @ 08:40 PM | 2,597 Views
Purchased from Banana Hobby first of its not an easy build and the wires for the control surfaces on the wings were a bit short with a little bit of hacking away at the foam I made access easier ...The CG on the ARF is totally wrong with my plane I use a 4000 MA Bat I cut away foam as to be able to push the battery further foward ...and still had to add 8 ounces of lead to the nose the tail wheel is horrendous but its livable taxing is limited another nose over plane with no forward rake The FMS retracts on this bird leave a little to be desired on mine after repeated landings they finally fell out easy fix with Gorilla Glue ...a decent flyer this is the most boring warbird I posses its a bus up in the sky its a plane that requires WOT not a good looper but has a great roll rate and ok inverted fun to fly but has a tendency to tip stall on loops so keep those high great on hammerheads and the rudder is very responsive landings are fairly simple just keep up on the power and dont fall behind the power curve it drops like a stone but with flaps deployed its another floater on a further note this thing is built like a tank and can take the wind really well be care full on takesoffs left tork is a problem but after one gets used to it very predicatable
Posted by JohnnyCrash.NYC | Jul 09, 2012 @ 08:28 PM | 2,605 Views
Left the motor stock I am flying this plane with a 4 cell 4000 MA Battery the CG in the manual is wrong move it up ...The gear is very strong order extra props as it has a tendency to nose over with flaps deployed its a floater ...

I added 5 ounces to the nose tracks straight and true very aerobatic good tendencys on rolls and loops as of today I have at least 70 flights on it the only mishap were when the forward grub screws on the bell got loose and the shaft slipped easy fix with regular screws ...tossed the allens better grip on the shaft

I have the flying tiger model very easy to see in the air no speed demon with the kv500 ...but a very scale flyer and a head turner at the field also as well not the best taxier the tail wheel has a tendency to not get a good grip on the ground..

Purchased from Nitro Planes came very quickly no problems