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Posted by cgsoldier | Oct 10, 2011 @ 07:17 PM | 2,605 Views
I got 12% off at Fun Fly Hobby in Riverside, CA. I got a 450 3GX for $520 and I am stoked! The guys there are awesome too and real helpful, and have always helped me set up my Heli's even when i didn't buy them there. I know I could have bought one used for cheaper but I really wanted a new kit for my first 450 build. I'll post some pics as I get this together... I am planning to try the 3GX out for a bit to see if I like it before swapping it out for a Microbeast which I love on my 250.
Posted by cgsoldier | Oct 07, 2011 @ 04:09 AM | 3,289 Views
After reading many reviews, a lot of research... I ended up with a BeastX Microbeast and a Microheli FBL head. The price between the 3GX and Microbeast is almost the same but with all the good things I have heard about the new V3 software on the Microbeast from some really credible sources and the local pros, I decided to go with it first. All the hype is about the VBar these days but I am not about to throw down that kind of cheddar on a 250 heli... the Vbar costs almost the same as the whole Heli and that is just crazy.

I now have two 250's... A FB with an Align GP780 and a Microbeast FBL... I just set it up last night and flew them head to head this morning. Too soon to tell as I am still tweaking both Heli's... still trying to dial in both the tails as there is still some wag and/or spongeyness depending on the gains on both but I am getting close. I can already tell though that for just simple hover and forward flight, the Microbeast feels like it is flying on rails.

I have not done any 3D yet, but I will post more as the flight tests continue.
Posted by cgsoldier | Sep 18, 2011 @ 04:50 PM | 3,939 Views
After a couple months of trial and error, crashes, and some tips I picked up along the way from some friends... I wanted to share some absolute must do's for anyone who wants to set up the MCPX for 3D flight.

Mechanical Setup:

There are a couple of must have's and a few nice to have's when it comes to your upgrades. The stock blade grips and swashplate just don't cut it when you want to do tighter 3D maneuvers. Swashplate blow out is pretty common if you try to flip too tightly, you'll notice the swashplate will lock in a sideways position when giving it too mush cyclic too fast due to the thin servo pushrods and the soft plastic swashplate, travel adjustments on your pitch will also prevent this which I will get to in my next blog post. You can get the important Aluminum CNC upgrades direct from Horizon Hobby of at your LHS if they have them.
Horizon Hobby

Must haves:
Microheli CNC Swashplate
Microheli CNC Blade grips

Nice to Haves:
Microheli CNC Main Rotor Hub

[Acrobatic Setup] Swashplate and Blade Grips

[3D Setup] Swashplate, Blade Grips, and Main Rotor Hub... The main rotor hub saves on lost ball links as they are enclosed and don't pop off as often.
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Posted by cgsoldier | Aug 30, 2011 @ 03:17 PM | 2,917 Views
I have two Blade MCPX's that I am using to practice 3D maneuvers on before moving to my larger 250 heli. In a span of 3 weeks, be it my dumb luck or some flaw in the 3-in-1 system I burned out two control boards, once replacing a tail boom/motor combo and the other replacing a main motor. Completely unplugged from any power and replacing it with stock replacement parts. There is no safeguards in the 3-in-1 board and any nick or short in the flimsy tail motor wiring can instantly burn out the ESC on the brick.

I have sent the two boards back to Horizon who I hope will send me new ones soon. I love flying the MCPX and the mechanical parts (minus the carbon tail boom) can take a serious beating and keep flying. But beware of the touchy electronics, make sure to inspect all your wires for nicks or exposed copper before firing it up. Hopefully, when I get the boards back my luck will change.