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Posted by Hexperience | Sep 26, 2013 @ 08:14 PM | 3,402 Views
I put a 2618v-d into my Blade 300x because I'm using the ar7200 for something else.

You have to turn the RX upside down, with the antenna pointing to the nose.

It flies GREAT! I was only able to get some fast forward circuits in, but it was way more locked in than the ar7200 (for that size heli).

I was about to test how well it would hold the tail in some flips... Got half way through the flip and realized I had not looked at that config for some time... I never completely tested it the first time around with the 2618v-d in my 250... Didn't need to have negative thrust at the time....

It fell about 10 feet right on the head. Only damage was 1 tooth on the main gear. That's it... even the servos held up...

Anyway, just wanted to let anyone know that has bought a 300x and used the ar7200 for other stuff that the 2618v-d works great!

My TX is a Devo12 with Deviation firmware by the way. You'd need a devo tx to work with the 2618v-d

Posted by Hexperience | Apr 18, 2013 @ 11:01 AM | 3,083 Views
I got issues...

I don't drink, do drugs or fool around.... why do I feel so guilty?

Posted by Hexperience | Dec 01, 2012 @ 12:13 PM | 5,411 Views
There's a few concepts that will allow you to program any tx with any software. Mostly focusing on the deViation firmware on a Devo8s.

Flybarless vs Flybar helis is the first one concept. If you have a Flybarless heli with a 3 axis FBL controller, the FBL unit does the CCPM mixing for you. If you have a Flybar heli the tx needs to do the mixing for you. For most FBL controllers you will select NO heli mixing, or simply program the channels individually as we will below.

So for the Master CP, mcpx, v120d02 etc. All you need to send to the Rx/FBL unit is the position of the sticks, throttle and the amount of gyro sensitivity for the tail. (Some may have more options but this is about the basics)

With a FBL it wants to know the following. (And the channel order will vary depending on the protocol. i.e. Devo or DSM for example.)

For Devo protocol on FBL controller:

ch1 Elevator stick position
ch2 Aileron stick position
ch3 Throttle stick position
ch4 Rudder stick position
ch5 Gyro setting (this channel is often called the Gear channel on the Rx)
ch6 Collective Pitch (we'll call it stick position for now, more on that in a second)

For DMS protocol, the FBL will expect the same information from your tx, just in a different order. TAERGC. Main thing to watch here is that the throttle moves to channel 1... always know where your throttle is... that's the one that can bite you. Below you will see images from deViation and er9x. The er9x config is using...Continue Reading