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Posted by 1Pilgrim | Jan 01, 2013 @ 04:16 PM | 2,713 Views
My next door neighbor is nuts about squirrels. She goes way beyond feeding them; some will eat out of her hand and a couple will come when she calls their name. She has even gotten her favorite, "Gracie", to wear coral pink nail (claw?) polish and a little string of faux pearls. The woman is certifiable.

I hate squirrels. My wife has more bird feeders than I can count; every year we put out close to 400# of mxed seed, thistle seed, safflower seed, black oil sunflower seed, peanuts (shelled and in the shell) and several different flavors of suet. For years I've fought a losing battle trying to keep those nasty squirrels from chowing down on the (expensive) seed we buy for our feathered friends.

The insane person next door actually likes all animals in theory, but she doesn't like to think about any of them dying. She is appalled when she finds a few feathers and a little dab of blood on the snow left over from our resident Coopers hawk's latest lunch.

Everyone knows you can't really tame a squirrel, you can only make them bolder. Every year a new herd of the little varmints shows up, and one of them always decides to make a special nuisance of himself.

This year was no exception. About a week ago I noticed a particularly persistent little pest running away from the feeder slower than the others and coming back as soon as I closed the storm door.

The moment of truth came when I sent our bichon out to run him off, but instead of heading for the...Continue Reading