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Posted by FeiJi | Oct 07, 2016 @ 02:50 AM | 3,443 Views
Threw it for about 40 minutes. Great workout. I could tell the difference from my first throws to the final ones that I was getting softer on the controls and had a little more finese - not jerking it around quite so much. Now I'm ready to try it out on the mountain behind my apartment.

EPP DLG Alula Maiden (4 min 9 sec)

Posted by FeiJi | Oct 04, 2016 @ 09:06 AM | 3,308 Views
Had to get this Alula clone epp kit including battery and two servos for $40. Nice complete kit, well made and easy to put together. Wings already covered with laminate and balsa elevons. I laminated the tail feather just for security and also the fuse. Had to get this as I live on a mountain now.
Ready to fly. Raining today. Weighs about 150 grams.
Please note, I am in China - (am an ESL teacher here) - that is why the prices are so cheap on some things. Imported items to China are usually 100% markup (import duties) so you guys can get good quality cheap shoes and nice cars, I can't.
Posted by FeiJi | Oct 01, 2016 @ 02:56 AM | 4,076 Views
I like the way planks fly, nice turns and loops. Couldn't get this one to roll yet as I have the throws way down. 275 grams, 7 inch prop, 2s 900 mah lipo, epp foam and I laminated the fuse and tail to make it much stronger. A real glider.
Slightly forward swept. Haven't quite got the cg worked out yet.

Flown this one for about an hour now. Need to keep the momentum up as the motor and 2s lipo are small not very torquey. Also not for the wind. But I love flying it. I doesn't stall much, just mushes until it lands.

Maiden+1 Flight Lighting EPP Plank (0 min 59 sec)

Posted by FeiJi | Sep 27, 2016 @ 09:54 PM | 10,068 Views
I just learned something I should have learned when I first started flying rc planes - turn on the TX first before powering up the RX. I just got a no-name ESC that when I plugged the battery into the RX and then turned on the TX, the motor started spinning full speed and the throttle would not shut it off.
Fortunately I was testing the motor without a prop so no damage done.
From now on I will turn my TX on first and turn it off last.
Posted by FeiJi | Sep 25, 2016 @ 10:30 PM | 5,608 Views
Bought this wing including electrics for less than $30. Went together really fast and is ready to fly. Incredible WCL is 2.7 as it has 341 sq in wing area and auw 9.9 oz. Flys on a 2s 900mah lipo. Hope I have better luck than with my last wing which I got all of 3 minutes flying time out of it before it ended up on our football field awning. Still waiting for high wind to blow it down.
I laminated the fuse and tail with copy shop laminate making it very strong.
Posted by FeiJi | Sep 25, 2016 @ 03:10 AM | 5,987 Views
Lost my wing somewhere in this picture. Frustrating build, finally got all the issues sorted out then lost link with RX and it flew here.
Posted by FeiJi | Sep 14, 2016 @ 08:53 AM | 3,018 Views
I bought this wing here in China with electronics included for about $50. Wing was well made and included all parts, carbon spars, foam wings, plywood motor mount, control servo linkages, horns,etc. Went together in couple of leisure hours. The motor and controller had plugs already attached so no soldering. I had my own servos and battery.
Its just not worth making my own epp wings when the kits are so cheap and well made.
Ready to maiden tomorrow I hope if the football field here is free.
800mm, 230 grams AUW, 900mah 2s lipo, 4.5 prop, 2400kv motor.
Posted by FeiJi | Sep 09, 2016 @ 04:38 AM | 2,662 Views
Anyone familiar with this .
I can get it here in China for about 40 bucks which includes electrics. Gotta try this one.
Posted by FeiJi | Jul 11, 2016 @ 07:37 PM | 2,259 Views
Haven't flown anything for a year now. Back in china with no planes or radio but I did buy a new charger for my robot projects and after the summer holiday will start flying something on the mountain behind my school.
Pictured is the small charger that I got for $32. I have had the bigger brother for about 4 years and it still works great.

Also here is a great video about a full size racer that will use contra-rotating props and electric power.
Electroflight | Fully Charged (17 min 43 sec)

Posted by FeiJi | Feb 18, 2016 @ 01:22 PM | 3,364 Views
Couple of pictures from an air show about 4 years ago in Michigan.
I got to fly in a T-6 about 15 years ago in Kissimmee Florida where the pilot would let me fly the plane for about half an hour doing loops and rolls - the best amusement park ride ever.
Posted by FeiJi | Dec 21, 2015 @ 08:53 PM | 3,469 Views
Wow. This is historic.

Historic Landing of Falcon 9 First Stage at Landing Zone 1 (1 min 45 sec)

Posted by FeiJi | Dec 21, 2015 @ 04:55 PM | 3,253 Views
Wow what an ugly number - going to to take a whole wing or fuselage to write it.

Go here to register and get your 5 bucks back if you do it in the next 30 days.
Posted by FeiJi | Dec 18, 2015 @ 06:09 AM | 3,859 Views
I think registration is not a bad idea - because of the sales of so many multi-copters this holiday season to people who have absolutely no flying skills - what can one expect? There will be incidents - like the infant blinded by a copter, who by the way was an experienced pilot but obviously not experienced enough to know not to fly around babies. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/ar...ball-half.html). If this can happen to an experienced pilot - imagine what will happen to an inexperienced one who could just run away from an incident without accountability.
Registration is a good idea - because of the idiots who have no idea how to fly. I'm getting in line (online) for registration.

Here's a funny thought. A lot of rc pilots will be crying and complaining about registration but I'll bet when I look at their builds and blogs in the future their aircraft will have nice big bold registration numbers on their planes (not on a slip of paper inside the fuse).
Posted by FeiJi | Oct 07, 2015 @ 09:06 AM | 3,797 Views
I need someone to make me a gyroscope rotor like the attached photo. Needs to be about 5 inches in diameter and half inch thick and the center hole would fit a prop adapter (l need to get size of the adapter yet). Material could be aluminum, brass or steel. Please pm me your price. Only need a one-off but perhaps a couple more in the future.
Also attached pdf of specs.

Update: found a source to make the rotor for me for 105$.
Posted by FeiJi | Aug 06, 2015 @ 07:36 AM | 3,610 Views
I flew this asymmetric tailed flatplate delta and it has an obvious flight behavior - can you guess what it is?

Rolls great to the right but if try roll to left it death spirals. Too much drag to the left I guess.
Posted by FeiJi | Aug 01, 2015 @ 08:34 AM | 4,101 Views
Back from China now and no access to cheap EPP foam so resorting to Dollar Tree foam. Don't know AUW. About 20" WS. 1800kv motor with 7x5 prop and 1000mah lipo. Flies ok , nice roll to right but not to left because am using paperclip control rods and they give sloppy control. Going to get little bike spokes and beef them up but not bad for an hour of work, at least am flying.
Fin is asymmetric but seems ok, dont think it affects weird roll to left but will find out when I replace rods.
Posted by FeiJi | Jul 26, 2015 @ 09:18 PM | 3,700 Views
Someone may have missed seeing this concept delta(s) video from last year.
Future Concepts - The Transformer (0 min 48 sec)

Posted by FeiJi | Apr 26, 2015 @ 02:23 AM | 4,544 Views
Well my hatcam worked but couldnt be sure where it was pointing so made this adapter for my glasses and it works quite well. An adapter would make a nice 3d printer project as mine is a little heavy.

Video is some noodling around with my new plank wing. Flew over 12 minutes with many takeoffs on a 2200mah lipo. Going to see if I can break 20 minutes on a single flight.

Boneyard Plank EPP Wing (12 min 49 sec)

Posted by FeiJi | Apr 24, 2015 @ 01:56 AM | 4,611 Views
Finally after screwing up the fuselage angle and flying a loop which forced me to dive for the ground to avoid being hit,I got it flying. It takes very little powerfor takeoff and cruise and is easy to control.
The video is just a few cuts of takeoffs because my hatcam was askew and I took picutures of empty space.
Boneyard Plank EPP Wing (0 min 34 sec)

Posted by FeiJi | Apr 17, 2015 @ 11:02 PM | 5,498 Views
Working on a plank using 9mm epp foam laminated with copyshop laminate and it also has a carbon fiber pole frame and spar. Should be stout enough yet still plenty light. I tried to make it without the front middle section but just couldnt get enough weight forward to balance. Now have lots of space to play with cg. Also it is a prop in the slot configuration as if that is not obvious. Should be very noisy but I'm in china where it is already noisy.Going to add a vertical stab on this one. I love how planks fly.