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Posted by GrahamWilson | Feb 27, 2012 @ 04:09 AM | 5,885 Views
I am also working on a Cessna 400 I purchased from HobbyKing in Sydney. Opening the box revealed that this is another FMS model with the usual series of very poor and very small black and white photos in the manual for instructions. This really is not good enough and these manufacturers need to get the English Language instruction manuals up to a much higher standard than what they are supplying with their kits now.

When I removed the horizontal stabiliser from the packaging the elevator hinge failed and the elevator just fell off! Great build quality FMS. So I installed pin hinges and inspected all the other foam control surface hinges. They were ok.

Just like the Cessna 350 the 400 Corvallis just bolts together. Just be careful that everything lines up straight and after installing a Spektrum receiver and binding it to my DX8, I thought it would be a good idea to install the optional flaps. This involved cutting the flaps away from the trailing edge of the wings, installing the hinges, control horns, servos and pushrods. Feeding the servo wires through the wing channels available and configuring the flap system on the radio.

I set the C of G exactly as indicated in the manual but the maiden flight proved that this was a little too far aft. So I have been experimenting with the position of balance by taping coins to the cowl. So far I have tried 20 cents and 40 cents and it still needs to be further forward. Most probably needs about 90 cents to get it right.

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Posted by GrahamWilson | Feb 27, 2012 @ 03:45 AM | 4,553 Views
After the disastrous crash with the lamp pole at SSMAC Barden Ridge and the unsuccessful repairs of my previous Corvallis 350, I have purchased another, this time from Model Flight in SA. This is the Plug and Fly versions and it takes about two hours to set up before you can fly it for the first time. Everything just bolts on, nothing to glue or epoxy. I have installed an AR7000 with a satellite receiver.

The kit comes with an 3S 1800mAh 15C Lipo included but no charger. This battery is just rubbish and have been flying with either a 3S 1800mAh 40C or a 2200mAh 50C Lipo from Turnigy. Both of these batteries provide much improved performance.

Just like the old 350 this new plane still lacks power. The original 9 x 5 prop that comes with the model is very soft and flexible. I thought this could be the cause of the lack of power so I fitted an APC 9 x 7 Electric prop. This meant some cutting away of the spinner's plastic to get it to fit.

Flying showed a definite increase in the speed and performance but still I feel the model is under powered on the standard 1320kv brushless out runner motor fitted. However, it is very quiet in the air and performs loops, rolls, spins and will fly inverted. With the flaps extended very steep approaches to the runway are possible and the 350 slows to a walking pace to flair and touch down.

This airframe flying characteristics are very stable. However, I have installed 3 gyros in the Cessna 350 on the main control surface servos....Continue Reading