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Posted by GrahamWilson | Jan 13, 2014 @ 09:55 PM | 3,518 Views
Spent the morning flying at PEMAC located at the base of the Blue Mountains next to the Nepean River. A very hot morning 37 C, the wind oscillating 180 degrees from the east to the west all morning and some big gusts.

This made the air very unstable with lots of turbulence. My 1400 mm piper cub normal is a very stable flying machine but it was thrown all over the sky by the rough air. I wish I had taken my Radian Pro.

Still we had a fly around and some of the guys did a lot of flights with only a few out landings and a couple of crashes.

The pictures are of some of Daniel's squadron. Every model is immaculate and they all fly very well.
Posted by GrahamWilson | Jun 13, 2013 @ 07:47 AM | 3,662 Views
Last Monday was the Queens Birthday Public Holiday and the RC modelling community ran an Expo to show case the hobbies to the general public.

RC Expo Penrith Lakes (3 min 52 sec)

Posted by GrahamWilson | Apr 08, 2013 @ 02:53 AM | 3,636 Views
I had to buy a new fuselage as there was no way I could figure out where all the little bits of foam fitted into the puzzle. The fuselage is also strong and straight and the LHS let me have it at a reasonable price.

The new 1300kv 420 watt motor is also fitted.
Posted by GrahamWilson | Apr 05, 2013 @ 02:44 AM | 3,591 Views
Three weeks ago I lost my Stinger 64 after taking my eyes off it for a moment and then I could find it in the sky. I searched for it for two hours in the scrub but no luck. I even got a friend who is into FPV to do some aerial searching for it. So I have ordered a new version 2 4s version.

Then the next day I crashed my little Cessna 350. DAMM IT!

This little model has had more than a hundred flight but the pilot error had it crash into the ground. The wing and horizontal stabiliser are fine. However the fuselage is a right off. I picked up the bits of foam and it is just an impossible three dimensional puzzle. I don't have the time or patents for.

The motor shaft bent, the motor is full of mud.

I have purchased a new fuselage and a new 1300kv motor. Rebuild is now underway.

And now maddening my 1400mm Piper Cub it suddenly rolls right over to inverted and slams into the ground. the thing ended up in the aniseed bushes south of the runway at PEMAC. So out in to the bush I go to try to recover the wreck.

This area is alive with black and brown snakes. i walked past the wreckage three times without seeing it. the model had a lost plane finder in it but I could not hear it. another club member eventually stubbled upon the bits and helped me recover all the parts. the battery was still connected but nothing was working.

The post crash postmortem revealed the BEC voltage drops to 2.5 volts when full power is applied for about a minute under load, this effectively turning off the radio receiver. No wonder the thing crashed. The new 4S LiPo has been crushed. Now will not charge and has a dead cell. The fuselage is 60mm shorter, all crushed in the front and the whole thing is twisted. Spare parts now.

Planning on building another sooner or later. This time I will use an SBEC.
Posted by GrahamWilson | Mar 23, 2012 @ 10:52 PM | 4,131 Views
After several flights over the last few weeks without any problems then last week the cheap plastic engine mounting supplied by the manufacturer failed in flight. This caused the motor and propeller to depart the aircraft. With only the three wires from the ESC holding the motor to the model. (see picture)

After the emergency landing the damaged caused by the propeller to the front of the model was very obvious. The spinning prop had just carved away at the foam. There was no way I could fix this at the field so the 350 was retired to the back of the car.

Inspection of the damage and the twisted cables showed lots of breaks in the continuity and insulation of the wires from the ESC to the motor. Testing the motor proved that it was no longer a reliable option as a power plant.

I ordered a Turnigy Park 480 1320KV motor from and in just three days it was in my mail box. I teamed this up with the 45 Amp speed controller and a new 9 x 6 two blade propeller.

Slight modifications were needed to the metal engine mount to make the Park 480 fit. The cowling closed over the new motor without any issues. The damaged to the airframe was repaired with some CA, scrap foam and carbon rods.

The next day the weather was perfect so out to the field at Barden Ridge for the test flight. After the pre-flight inspections and checks a fully charged 3S 1800mAh 40C battery loaded and connected. The 350 was placed on the grass runway into the wind. With full power the...Continue Reading
Posted by GrahamWilson | Feb 27, 2012 @ 04:09 AM | 5,878 Views
I am also working on a Cessna 400 I purchased from HobbyKing in Sydney. Opening the box revealed that this is another FMS model with the usual series of very poor and very small black and white photos in the manual for instructions. This really is not good enough and these manufacturers need to get the English Language instruction manuals up to a much higher standard than what they are supplying with their kits now.

When I removed the horizontal stabiliser from the packaging the elevator hinge failed and the elevator just fell off! Great build quality FMS. So I installed pin hinges and inspected all the other foam control surface hinges. They were ok.

Just like the Cessna 350 the 400 Corvallis just bolts together. Just be careful that everything lines up straight and after installing a Spektrum receiver and binding it to my DX8, I thought it would be a good idea to install the optional flaps. This involved cutting the flaps away from the trailing edge of the wings, installing the hinges, control horns, servos and pushrods. Feeding the servo wires through the wing channels available and configuring the flap system on the radio.

I set the C of G exactly as indicated in the manual but the maiden flight proved that this was a little too far aft. So I have been experimenting with the position of balance by taping coins to the cowl. So far I have tried 20 cents and 40 cents and it still needs to be further forward. Most probably needs about 90 cents to get it right.

...Continue Reading
Posted by GrahamWilson | Feb 27, 2012 @ 03:45 AM | 4,550 Views
After the disastrous crash with the lamp pole at SSMAC Barden Ridge and the unsuccessful repairs of my previous Corvallis 350, I have purchased another, this time from Model Flight in SA. This is the Plug and Fly versions and it takes about two hours to set up before you can fly it for the first time. Everything just bolts on, nothing to glue or epoxy. I have installed an AR7000 with a satellite receiver.

The kit comes with an 3S 1800mAh 15C Lipo included but no charger. This battery is just rubbish and have been flying with either a 3S 1800mAh 40C or a 2200mAh 50C Lipo from Turnigy. Both of these batteries provide much improved performance.

Just like the old 350 this new plane still lacks power. The original 9 x 5 prop that comes with the model is very soft and flexible. I thought this could be the cause of the lack of power so I fitted an APC 9 x 7 Electric prop. This meant some cutting away of the spinner's plastic to get it to fit.

Flying showed a definite increase in the speed and performance but still I feel the model is under powered on the standard 1320kv brushless out runner motor fitted. However, it is very quiet in the air and performs loops, rolls, spins and will fly inverted. With the flaps extended very steep approaches to the runway are possible and the 350 slows to a walking pace to flair and touch down.

This airframe flying characteristics are very stable. However, I have installed 3 gyros in the Cessna 350 on the main control surface servos....Continue Reading
Posted by GrahamWilson | Aug 29, 2011 @ 02:37 AM | 5,414 Views
After watching Alishanmao and XJET on Youtube both review the Lotus RC T580 Quadcopter I decided to buy the aircraft. This has proven to very bad decision.
It took LotusRC 5 weeks to deliver the item to me here in Sydney Australia. However, there were no instructions included with the model so I emailed them. Some considerable time later they responded to my email with a word document version of the instructions. So I installed my AR7000 receiver and connected everthing as per the instructions.

Attached my 3s lipo and afetr bindeing the DX7 moved the throttle to about 15%, the vibration was unbelievable. So I email Lotus RC so some help. They did not reply. So I proceeded to balance the 4 props and the the motors. The vibration was reduced but still there.

Anyway, I decided to try a take off and as the model climbed to about 5 feet it suddenly rolled over and hit the earth! BUGGAR! Broke 3 props and two motor shafts. So I emaiedl an order to them for parts. They just ignored the email. So I bring Ali into the loop. He gets in touch with them but they do absolutely nothing. So I now have a very expensive quadcopter frame.

Don't buy anything from LOTUSRC.COM, their products and after sales service are RUBBISH!