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Posted by chrisd438 | Nov 17, 2012 @ 09:22 AM | 3,352 Views
The openaltimeter boards are still in production The first batch went pretty smoothly, so the next one is on the way! (now here) I have a web site now to (possibly) make things easier, but you can always send me a PM, and I'll put you on the list. I also bulk ordered some FTDI boards to keep the costs down. The new boards work the same as the Spark Fun boards, but are much cheaper, and they come with a free USB cable. See below for initial pricing:

openaltimeter board : $65.00 (currently out of stock of original version)
(optional) recom regulator R-785.0-1.0: $10.00
(optional) 3.3/5V FTDI Breakout board for downloading/programming the openaltimeter.
100% compatible with the popular Spark Fun board, but 1/2 the price. $8.00
Posted by chrisd438 | Mar 18, 2012 @ 04:47 PM | 2,858 Views
OK, so I'm new at this, but I'm having fun trying to catch a thermal and stay in for as long and as high as possible. No earth shattering records here by any means, but I wanted to keep track for myself.

3/18/12 max launch - Pretty cloudy today, but the sun came out in the afternoon, and I headed out to the local field. No ballast needed the winds were pretty light. 127.1 feet, still seeing very small launch height improvements, but not much.

3/17/12 max height and duration. I think I'm getting a bit more comfortable with letting the plane climb, but still this was very high for me. I probably could have stayed in for a bit more, but I got really nervous, and bailed. Height - 430.9 feet, duration 8.7 minutes. Both records on same flight. Nowhere near the 1000 (2000?)+ feet I've heard people talk about, I have no idea how you could see the plane that high.
Posted by chrisd438 | Feb 26, 2012 @ 09:07 PM | 2,677 Views
Just an epic day at Gude today! It felt like all you had to do was fly long enough in a straight line and you'd eventually run into a thermal. 3 flights over 300 feet! A new record for me for sure.

Name: 2-26-12.png
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Description: altimeter log from 2/26/12
Posted by chrisd438 | Feb 03, 2012 @ 09:59 PM | 3,915 Views
Slow motion launch video of a launch the other day. Feel free to comment, I can take it! I know I have little body rotation, and there is that little jump at the end that doesn't seem right. Any feedback is welcome.

MNBP 02/03/12 DLG Launch (0 min 43 sec)

Posted by chrisd438 | Jan 21, 2012 @ 11:58 AM | 2,879 Views
Three of my most recent projects:

R2Hobbies Passer-X
This is pretty much the standard build of the flat wing passer-x, but I added a bit of dihedral to the wing. The plane flies a bit more hands off, with the rudder being much more effective (and ailerons less so).

HJZ Predator 2 DLG
This is my first DLG and first DLG build. I put the aileron servos in the wing to free up some space in the pod for an altimeter. If it weren't snowing right now, I'd be out trying to find lift!

Full carbon light Neos. 2 servos in the pod, altimeter, pushrods, 250 mah battery, switchjack. 9.6 ounces (before any repairs!)