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Posted by parkflyer215 | Jul 25, 2016 @ 10:11 PM | 1,552 Views
New build. Specs to be added below.
Posted by parkflyer215 | May 28, 2015 @ 07:00 PM | 2,605 Views
Item code: BH51
Glow and EP

Wingspan: 159 cm 62.60 in.
Length: 123 cm 48.43 in.
Weight: 2.8 kg 6.16 lbs.
Parts listing required (not included)
Battery: 3 Cells-Li-Poly 11.1V – 4,500mAh – 20c.
Electric Motor(02PCS): + AXI 2814/12.
+ KMS 2814/08.
Radio: 06- 07 channels.
Servo: 08 – 10 servos.
Speed control (02PCS): 40A.
Engine(02PCS): 25 – 2 stroke.
Propeller: 9 x 6.

ARF kit is a beauty! Powered by twin Rimfire .15 motors spinning 9x6 APC thin electric props counterclockwise. Two SkyPower 30A ESC's from HeadsupHobby, Hitec HS-85mg servos on ailerons (2x) and elevator, Hitec HS-82mg servos for steering and flaps (2x), EFlite .46 tricycle landing gear, Hitec HS-65mg servo for rudder and a Castle CC 10A BEC completes the setup. With a Turnigy nanotech 4000 mAh 25C battery, the power system generates 1100W for both motors. Flight time is about 7 min.
Posted by parkflyer215 | May 06, 2015 @ 09:24 PM | 2,755 Views
Purchased from GeneralHobby.

WING SPAN:70"(1780mm)
WING AREA:972sq in(62.7sq dm)
FLYING WEIGHT: 8.8-10lbs(4000g-4600g)
Glow:.91-.120(2C) 1.10-1.20(4C)

Turnigy 63-54 260Kv outrunner running a 18x9 or 19x10 APC prop, Castle 6-8S 85A ESC with BEC, Hitech HS430HV Servos, two Turnigy nanotech 4S 4000 mAh 25C batteries in series (8S total) and a Spektrum Ar9200 receiver with 2 satellites. Setup works great, and plane has gobs of power.