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Posted by dafremen | Dec 14, 2011 @ 11:18 AM | 2,658 Views
DISCLAIMER: Taking reasonable and calculated risks is part of this hobby. Every day we make decisions which affect the performance of our models, cost us money..and occasionally..even with all safety factors taken into consideration, cause harm. Please fly safe, and assume the responsibility for your decision to fly in lower visibility conditions. Don't fly far away, don't fly near traffic..ask anyone watching to maintain a safe distance, and for gawd sake get inside at the first sign of lightning or thunder. Like strapping forward facing engines to your coaxial, or fishing with your T-Rex 500, flying in the rain is just another way to explore and enjoy the hobby. Please don't be stupid while enjoying this little walk on the looney side. Thanks

Flying In The Rain

There's something I like to do that's a little different, but very rewarding once you get past the obvious and perfectly reasonable hesitation we have toward mixing electronics and water. I got over my issues with the Xieda 9958 quite by accident when it went into the pool next to our business..3 times. Completely submerged, it's TX still blinked..even though no signal could reach it through water. Dried her out and flew like nothing had happened.

The next time it rained, I put tape over the Tx to be safe and took her out. I was hooked!

I don't use the tape anymore (because I believe it MIGHT allow moisture to collect which would normally be blown/evaporated off and/or vibrated off the heli by rotor action,...Continue Reading