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Posted by KingOfTheHill | Feb 23, 2006 @ 01:11 AM | 10,993 Views
well i have built 11 60" JW's, 1 Mini JW, 2 Destiny's, 3 Weasel's, and working on 3 more JW's and a 2m Blade this week...

i'll post pics of all the ones i have done below, but my latest is finally one for me.. had a gap between parts arriving and kits getting to me so i had exactly 1 day to build my Mini JW... my Mini JW is kinda a 1 off production by pat bowman... this one features a Straight LE, cut down tail, very very very rounded tips, and fully strapping taped with GOOPed fuse... Gear includes 2 Multiplex Polo Digital servo's, Electron 6 reciever, 5cell AAA 720mah battery. It is pretty clean and about 6oz over what it should be... i was expecting a little heavier but oh well.. its 21oz and i was aiming for 25oz..

Saving up for a wicked DS plane and today my dog ate a POUND of See's chocolate!... yeah, so that will kill him so i dumped over 200bucks at the Vet to get his stomach pumped... that puts me back... oh well.. few more weeks and i'll have a plane to put me in the 250+ club...

well i guess i'll throw a couple pics of the JW's ive built lately... if anyone is intrested the price is $125 for labor and building supplys... i include the Tape, 3m77, upgrade to a Gooped Fuse, Hardwood trailing edge (Drag spar), and 4-40 linkage... you supply the plane (or the money for it $90 and i'll pick it up) and the Gear for the plane... here are a few i have built..