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Posted by capt.cory | Jan 27, 2013 @ 11:08 PM | 2,477 Views
I have a build I'm into with plywood and fiberglass its for my atlantic tugboat. I'm makeing 3 barges ill keep 1 and maybe sell. All 3 barges weight about 20-30 pounds there 5 foot long 15 inchs wide and 11 inchs high. The inside hopper is 4 foot long 1 foot wide 9 inchs deep cost about $400, to build all the barges the atlantic is kinda small for them empty but works wonderful with a load ill put a lil wheelhouse on top of the atlantic later to make it look a lil more realistic. I think a barge should be 2x the size of the tug pushing ot at least thats why there so big. They all can handle about 200 pounds to the keel they fit 2 small children in them hope you enjoy ill be painting tomorrow ill posts more pics all the way down to them in the water thanks for looking